The Myanmar Business Development Index (MBEI)

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In Myanmar, even before the current political crisis, it was difficult for local government leaders to... Read More → The Myanmar Business Development Index (MBEI)

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Karina Fernandez-Stark


Karina is an expert on global value chain analysis, with more than 15 years of experience leading numerous... Read More → Karina Fernandez-Stark

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Penny Bamber


Penny Bamber is a global value chain expert, with over a decade of experience in research and consulting at... Read More → Penny Bamber

Headshot of Ghada Ahmed smiling and wearing a black shirt with flowers against a red brick background.

Ghada Ahmed


Ghada Ahmed, senior fellow at the Duke Center for International Development, is the founder of Insurgent... Read More → Ghada Ahmed

Brian Stoner


Brian is Director of Duke’s Center for WaSH-AID (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Infectious Disease) and... Read More → Brian Stoner

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Anne Pizer


Anne Pizer is currently a Director in the Monitoring and Evaluation Department at the Millennium Challenge... Read More → Anne Pizer

Catherine A. Honeyman


Dr. Catherine Honeyman is an expert in education quality, employment, and entrepreneurship who specializes in... Read More → Catherine A. Honeyman

Corinne Krupp


Corinne (Cory) Krupp received her B.A. degree in economics from Indiana University (1984) and her M.A. and... Read More → Corinne Krupp

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