Rotary Peace Fellows, MIDP Students and members of the Duke Community gathered in front of Duke Chapel on Wednesday, Oct. 22 to take part in “Una Luz por Ayotzinapa,” an international movement to raise awareness of 43 Mexican students who went missing after a clash with police forces in Ayotzinapa.

Those who gathered in front of the chapel, wrote messages on poster boards showing their support for the missing students and demanding that the Mexican government take action. Pictures of the missing 43 students were placed on the steps in front of the chapel.

The gathering was organized by Carlos Juarez, a first year MIDP student and Rotary Peace Fellow, who is from a region of Mexico not far from where the students went missing. “We are having this gathering not only because we are Rotary Peace Fellows, but because as human beings we need to raise awareness to what has happened,” he said, “We also hope that we can pressure the Mexican government to take more action.”


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