The 12th Annual Rotary Spring Conference took place Saturday, April 11, at the FedEx Global Education Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The theme this year was “People-Centered Approaches to Conflict Resolution and Sustainable Peace.”

Four graduating Master of International Development Policy fellows presented at the conference, along with six graduate students from UNC-Chapel Hill.

  • Lyttelton Braima (MIDP 2015), Sierra Leone: “Improving the Impact of Local Community Revenues (in post-conflict situations)”
  • Pranisa Ekachote (MIDP 2015), Thailand: “A Strategy for Restoring Peace in Thailand’s Southern Provinces”
  • Luiz Pinto (MIDP 2015), Brazil: “Bringing Peace to the Brazilian Amazon”
  • Daniela Tort (MIDP 2015), Mexico: “The Lost Children of Central America”
  • Geysar Gurbanov, Azerbaijan: “From Communal Violence to Civil War: the Role of Democracy and Political Entrepreneurs”
  • Dilshad Jaff, Iraq: “Targeting the Health Care in Armed Conflicts and Emergencies: Is it Underestimated?”
  • Manish Kumar, India: “Strengthening Nutrition Workforce for Improved Delivery of Nutrition Services in Developing Countries”
  • Tekleab Mekbib, Ethiopia: “What can we Learn from the Experience of the Ethiopian Health Extension Program?”
  • Aya Ovezova, Turkmenistan: “Water Management in Central Asia (Can Conflict be Avoided?)”
  • Hai-Ryung Sung, South Korea: “Promoting Maternal and Child Health through Water and Sanitation programs in Cambodia”

Visit the Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center website for more information or to watch the presentations.

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