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Honduras Migration: Climate Change, Violence & Assistance

Silhouette of man wearing a cap and backpack with a sunset in the background. Text reads: Honduras Migration: Climate Change, Violence & Assistance. Policy Brief. Sarah Bermeo, David Leblang. Duke Center for International Development.

By Sarah Bermeo and David Leblang

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This study provides insight into the root causes of migration from Honduras, with a particular emphasis on the interconnected role of climate change and violence. We link U.S. government data on the department (state) of birth for Honduran families apprehended between 2012 and 2019 to department-level measures of rainfall volatility and homicide rates in Honduras. The results indicate that decreases in precipitation are associated with increased migrant flows and that the magnitude of this effect increases with higher levels of violence. These findings can inform discussions about root causes of migration and policy responses.


Policy Brief, Climate & Sustainability