Increasingly, production of goods and services is spread across numerous localities and firms around the world. 

Research on global value chains (GVCs) takes a fine-grained look at how these production networks vary across industries and how they are affected by structural changes in the global economy and international relations. Duke Center for International Development researchers study how policy-makers can best understand and position their economies to capitalize on changes in these complex chains. Researchers also study how changes in international law, dispute resolution, environmental change, and conflict impact the shape and efficiency of GVC activity.



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As the earliest and leading university research center of global value chain (GVC) analysis in the world, Duke University offers a semester-long GVC course as part of the Master of International Development Policy (MIDP) program. The course incorporates ongoing research from DCID and international GVC scholars, and highlights over 25 years of cutting edge GVC research conducted at the Duke GVC Center.

View sample syllabus for the Global Value Chain Analysis course (PDF)

In 2014, Duke University hosted a Global Summit for policy leaders who are thinking about value chains, governance and development in the world’s top international organizations.

View interviews and sessions from the event.