Click through the list below to see some examples of the research and advising projects that DCID faculty and affiliates have conducted in recent years.

Targeting Civilian Water in Conflict Zones

Year: 2019

Faculty: Erika Weinthal

Topics: Human Rights, Peace

Regions: MENA

Erika Weinthal co-authored a report in International Affairs in March. The study examines Israel’s targeting of civilian agricultural, water and energy infrastructures in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Targeting of infrastructure in conflict zones is often overlooked, but Weinthal says this tactic causes profound long-term damage, not only to the daily lives of those targeted, but also …

Promoting Improved Cookstoves

Year: 2019

Faculty: Marc Jeuland, Subhrendu Pattanayak

Topics: Economics, Energy, Health

Regions: Asia

Subhrendu Pattanayak and Marc Jeuland coauthored research on “Experimental Evidence on Promotion of Electric and Improved Biomass Cookstoves,” which was published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America in May 2019. The authors explored how to increase demand for electric cookstoves, which are better for human and environmental health than …

Enhancing Domestic Revenues for Health

Year: 2019

Faculty: Graham Glenday

Topics: Economics, Health, Public Finance

Regions: Africa, Asia

Graham Glenday and Ipchita Bharali (MIDP ’16) along with Ziyuan Wang published “Enhancing Domestic Revenues: Constraints and Opportunities,” a study supported by the Gates Foundation that analyzed the role of DRM for health in India and Ethiopia.   Enhancing Domestic Revenues: Constraints and Opportunities: A cross-country comparative study of tax capacity, effort and gaps Graham Glenday, Ipchita Bharali, …

Computing Research in Nairobi and Kampala

Year: 2019

Faculty: Ravtosh Bal

Topics: Education, Innovation, Technology

Regions: Africa

Ravtosh Bal and colleagues published research on computer science in Africa. The study deploys “qualitative methods to follow active computer science researchers, graduate students, policymakers, administrators and entrepreneurs, in order to understand how computer science is enacted in Kampala and Nairobi. Harsh, Matthew & Holden, Kerry & Wetmore, Jameson & Zachary, Gregg & Bal, Ravtosh. …

Fires, Air Pollution, and Children’s Health in Indonesia

Year: 2019

Faculty: Subhrendu Pattanayak

Topics: Economics, Energy, Health, Youth

Regions: Asia

Subhrendu Pattanayak co-authored research in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). “Seeking natural capital projects: Forest fires, haze, and early-life exposure in Indonesia” examines tropical forest burning and the effects of the resulting air pollution on health and income outcomes for children exposed to the pollution in the womb. Seeking natural capital projects: …

Rural Electrification in Bhutan

Year: 2019

Faculty: Subhrendu Pattanayak

Topics: Economics, Energy, Technology

Regions: Asia

Subhrendu Pattanayak coauthored a paper with Duke alum Erin Litzow that examined the costs and benefits of rural electrification on health and environment. “Returns to Rural Electrification: Evidence from Bhutan” was published in World Development (Vol. 121). Returns to rural electrification: Evidence from Bhutan World Development Volume 121, September 2019, Pages 75-96 Erin L. Litzow, Subhrendu K.Pattanayak, Tshering Thinley

Working Papers on Africa

Year: 2019

Faculty: Indermit Gill, Giovanni Zanalda

Topics: Economics, Health, Poverty, Taxation, Trade

Regions: Africa, Asia

Sanford professor and former DCID director Indermit Gill, along with DCID Associates in Research Siddharth Dixit (MIDP ’17), Kenan Karakulah (MIDP ’17), and Chinmoy Kumar (MIDP ’19) co-wrote a series of Africa-focused working papers summarizing and analyzing research conducted while they were working at DCID. The papers were amongst the first of a new Global Working Paper Series launched by the Duke University …

Urban Development in Nepal

Year: 2018

Faculty: Jamie Boex

Topics: Governance, Management, Social Policy

Regions: Asia

DCID Senior Fellow Jamie Boex traveled to Nepal in October as part of a team of World Bank urban specialists. Nepal’s new federal constitution (2015) transferred the power to prioritize and implement major urban investment projects (such as urban roads, urban water and sanitation projects, and so on) from the national Ministry of Urban Development to the …

Business Compliance for Safety in Vietnam

Year: 2019

Faculty: Edmund Malesky

Topics: Governance, Social Policy

Regions: Asia

Edmund Malesky coauthored a study that examines how consultation with businesses in developing countries can actually improve compliance with regulations (and ultimately worker safety). The study, written with Rutgers business professor Markus Taussig, was published in American Political Science Review. MALESKY, E., & TAUSSIG, M. (2019). Participation, Government Legitimacy, and Regulatory Compliance in Emerging Economies: A Firm-Level Field …

Tax System Review in Haiti

Year: 2003

Faculty: GP Shukla

Topics: Taxation

Regions: Latin America & Caribbean

Faculty evaluated economic and fiscal policies with a special focus on the existing tax system and tax administration for the Government of Haiti and the Inter-American Development Corporation in 2003.  

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