The Duke Center for International Development (DCID) engages in discussions about public policy through events, media outlets, scholarly publications and research presentations. We aim to engage academics, policymakers, policy advocates and community members in conversations about the globe’s most urgent development issues.


We host a number of in-person and virtual public events throughout the year.

Past Events Highlights

Policy Scientists Annual Institute

DCID and Sanford School of Public Policy partnered with the Society of Policy Scientists to offer a conference aimed at advancing knowledge and practice in the policy sciences in the service of human dignity for all.

Amplifying Women’s Voices: The State of Research on Women’s Empowerment

A panel of experts from leading development organizations discussed groundbreaking research on critical issues in women’s rights and international development.

The Fight for Equality in Latin America: How LGBTIQ+ Policymakers Are Advocating for Change

Latin American LGBTIQ+ policymakers highlighted main initiatives to address inequality and advocate for sexual and gender minorities’ rights in Latin America.


Our faculty present and facilitate sessions around the world on a wide range of development-related topics.

Past Presentations Highlights

In “Political Risk Analysis in the Global Economy: A Case Study of China’s Belt and Road Investments in Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Port,” Eddy Malesky, director of the Duke Center for International Development, co-led a discussion focused on political risks and the interconnection between business analytics and political institutions on the port project.

At the Security, Democracy and Cities conference, Maureen Moriarty Lempke, DCID senior fellow and adjunct professor of practice, hosted a session on a unique collaborative learning approach that combines rigorous analysis and evidence-based methodologies to better understand and prevent urban violence.

Duke University Professor Roy Kelly moderated the “Tenets of a Successful Property Tax Reform for Africa” session at the African Tax Research Network Congress, which focused on maximizing the revenue potential of property taxes through digitization.

DCID Monthly Research Seminar

We organize a monthly research seminar for the DCID community and development-focused researchers across the wider Duke research community. Scholars are welcome to present early-stage research projects and ideas, research in progress, and/or recently published work. This is an informal opportunity to exchange ideas and learn about ongoing projects.

2022-23 Seminars

  • Climate-related forecasting prediction migration – Kerilyn Schewel, Eddy Malesky 
  • Human trafficking, illicit timber and corruption in Mozambique – Maureen Lempke
  • The long run impacts of war using the case of Bosnia – Charles Becker, Peter Devine
  • The Civilian Cost of Casualty Aversion: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Iraq – Benjamin Krick, Jonathan Petkun, Mara Revkin 
  • Drivers of migration and immobility in Zambia – Aneta Seidlová, Eliška Masná


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