DCID faculty and affiliates conduct diverse scholarly activities, from field studies and randomized control trials, to research-backed policy advising in countries around the world. In addition, DCID faculty, fellows, and alumni publish academic articles in a wide range of journals. 

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Ground-breaking Policy Research 

From risk analysis and internal migration to democracy and governance challenges, DCID’s research expertise spans sectors and places in which timely and relevant research is critical to solving international development policy challenges. 


Recent Research Initiatives

In 2021, DCID was awarded a $250,000 LASER PULSE sub-award, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Titled “Do Better Mangers Engage in Less Corruption,” the two-year project connects DCID’s research and training expertise with Vietnam’s emerging business markets. LASER PULSE, or Long-term Assistance and Services for Research: Partners for University-Led Solutions Engine, is a five-year program implemented by a consortium comprising Purdue University (lead institution), the University of Notre Dame, Indiana University, Makerere University, and Catholic Relief Services.

Maureen Moriarty-Lempke, lecturing fellow at the Duke Center for International Development (DCID), has published an integrated tool called “Conflict Sensitivity in Land Governance” in consortium with CDA and Tetra Tech. Land governance is the primary use for the tool, but the tool has a vast number of applications, from food security initiatives to climate change.

Other Research and Advising Highlights

DCID teamed up with the National University of Singapore Business School in early 2022 to host, “Political Risk Analysis in the Global Economy: A Case Study of China’s Belt and Road Investments in Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Port.

in March 2022, DCID hosted “Amplifying Women’s Voices: The State of Research on Women’s Empowerment,” a webinar featuring experts from Oxfam, World Bank Innovation Lab, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the University of California.

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