DCID faculty and affiliates conduct diverse scholarly activities, from field studies and randomized control trials, to research-backed policy advising in countries around the world. In addition, DCID faculty, fellows, and alumni publish academic articles in a wide range of journals. 

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Current Research Initiatives

Professor Kerilyn and research interns sitting at a table

Kerilyn Schewel and her research team presents findings on Rural Development and the Capability to Stay

DCID recently wrapped up the Rural Development and the Capability to Stay summer workshop that featured the research of Lecturing Fellow Kerilyn Schewel. Three MIDP fellows – Dane Skorup, Phyo Ei Thwe, and Diana Quintero. – presented research on rural development in North Carolina, Myanmar, and Latin America. Click below to read more about the research project.

Sarah Bermeo on the links between climate change and migration for United States Institute of Peace (USIP).

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies (MIDP) Sarah Bermeo had a chance to speak with United States Institute of Peace this week about the links between climate change and violence in driving migration in/from Central America. Click below to read more.

More Research Initiatives

Lecturing Fellow Maureen Moriarty-Lempke is working with Eddy Malesky and Griffin Riddler, PhD candidate in Political Science, to help USAID better understand the role of political will in reducing corruption.  USAID has identified anti-corruption as a priority topic in its 2022-2026 Learning Agenda and is looking for innovative approaches and original research to guide the agency in engagement,  programming, and training. Through a review of the anti-corruption literature, identification of innovative approaches, and original research, the DCID team will provide USAID with its findings and recommendations. MIDP fellows are also employed to assist the team on the case studies, drawing on their technical and regional expertise. The project was awarded $166K by NORC/USAID and is scheduled to be completed in early 2023.   

Eddy Malesky is working with Songkhun NIllasithanukroh, PhD candidate in Political Science, on a project called Digital Consultation of Firms and Regulatory Compliance: Piloting an Experiment in Regulation Design in Thailand. This project aims to take advantage of Thailand’s new online Notice and Comment (N&C) portal to test whether the positive influence of in-person consultation can be translated to a digital setting in the regulatory drafting process and if the quality of engagement in the consultation process and the degree of government responsiveness to firms’ feedback has any impact on compliance. The project is a pilot study awarded by the International Growth Centre

Other Research and Advising Highlights

DCID teamed up with the National University of Singapore Business School in early 2022 to host, “Political Risk Analysis in the Global Economy: A Case Study of China’s Belt and Road Investments in Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Port.

in March 2022, DCID hosted “Amplifying Women’s Voices: The State of Research on Women’s Empowerment,” a webinar featuring experts from Oxfam, World Bank Innovation Lab, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the University of California.

Ground-breaking Policy Research 

From risk analysis and internal migration to democracy and governance challenges, DCID’s research expertise spans sectors and places in which timely and relevant research is critical to solving international development policy challenges. 


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