DCID faculty and affiliates conduct diverse scholarly activities, from field studies and randomized control trials, to research-backed policy advising in countries around the world. In addition, DCID faculty, fellows, and alumni publish academic articles in a wide range of journals. 

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How Does DCID Engage?

Professor Sarah Bermeo explains her role as the head of research and engagement at DCID

Recent Research Initiatives: 2018-2020

A research initiative led by several DCID faculty affiliates and the Duke Center for Policy Impact in Global Health was awarded seed funding. The study, “Transitioning from donor assistance for health: in-country perspectives, experiences, and preferences in Ghana and Sri Lanka” will be the first of its kind to examine the concerns, challenges, and opportunities facing low- and middle-income countries themselves as they relate to the withdrawal of foreign assistance for health. The study will be led by Osondu Ogbuoji and Gavin Yamey of DGHI, Sarah Bermeo of Sanford/DCID, and Erik Wibbels of Duke’s Department of Political Science, who is also a faculty affiliate of DCID.

Fernando Fernholz continued work on the Saving Lives at Birth program, a DCID collaboration with the Duke Global Health Institute and the Duke Global Health Innovation Center. The program is funded through a partnership between USAID, Norad, DFID, Gates Foundation, and other prominent donors.

Other Research and Advising Highlights

MIDP Associate in Research Estuardo Pineda on malnutrition in Guatemala

Subhrendu Pattanayak presenting at the NAS on air pollution and health

A panel discussion at Duke on energy access for the rural poor

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