Senior Fellow

Rosemary Morales Fernholz is faculty at the Duke Center for International Development, DCID, Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University, and is a senior researcher and lecturing fellow. She teaches courses on policy analysis for development; innovation and policy entrepreneurship; social policy and development; indigenous peoples, human rights and development; introduction to peace and conflict resolution and co- teaches a seminar on the master’s project.

Her research and advisory interests include community management of natural resources, innovation and entrepreneurship, leadership, and public policy analysis and implementation to include issues of equity and social inclusion in several continents and countries. She serves on the DeBoer Fellowship Advisory Council that works to strengthen civil society leadership in Myanmar and has contributed to building capacity in programs in Haiti, Zambia, Borneo, Latin America and the Philippines.

She has previously directed multi-year research programs on school feeding in Ecuador, Honduras and Bolivia, and a multi-year action research program with communities, civil society organizations and local governments in the uplands of the Philippines. She has graduate degrees in Business Administration, Public Administration, and a PhD in Political Economy and Government from Harvard University.