Senior Fellow

Tuan-Ngoc Phan (Phan or Tuan Ngoc) is a political economist who studies corruption in developing countries. He explores questions that lie at the crossroads of economics and political science, by applying quantitative research methods such as natural experiments, randomized controlled trials (RCT), regression discontinuity, and difference-in-differences.

Tuan-Ngoc has been a co-author and a collaborator at the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) — the largest enterprise survey on firms’ experiences with the provincial business environment in Vietnam. He combined this dataset with additional data that he collected on provincial leaders to study how the interaction of political and economic factors influences business-government relationships at Vietnamese provinces. His other research interests concern the industrial organization of corruption, the role of audit and transparency in encouraging honest behaviors from bureaucrats, and authoritarian politics.

Tuan-Ngoc Phan received his PhD in Political Science from Duke University and is currently an assistant professor at Fulbright University Vietnam.