Hassan Hussein has interdisciplinary global experience in six contents around the globe and brings valuable research and teaching experience to DCID. His research and professional experience span disciplines including international development, political participation, education, and strategic management. His research involves using mixed method, and his experience has been a valuable contribution in teaching in the Leadership for Democracy Fellowship Program since 2018, covering topics including system analysis, civic engagement, democracy and governance, and coalition building.

In addition to his research and teaching involvement, Hassan has a longstanding interest and involvement in international development at local, national, and international level with academic institutions, international development organizations, governments, different U.N. agencies, and with not-for-profit organizations. One example is his assignment with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) where he managed its Democracy, Governance, and Human Rights regional program in the Middle East and North Africa region for more than five years. Managing regional program as such covering all countries in the region, this position offered him a unique opportunity to deal directly with governments, international development organizations, research institutions, corporates, and not-for-profit organizations to collectively generate ideas and policies that provide solutions to the world’s most challenging problems.  It also offered him extensive firsthand experience in effective strategies on how to bring together governments, not-for-profit organizations, and private sectors in shaping policy change in a unique and diversified region; a benefit he brings to the DCID’s effort to take theory and apply it to practical situations in the real world.

Hassan is an assistant professor at Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania and before joining Susquehanna University, he served as an assistant professor at St. John’s University in Minnesota for five years. He has a PhD in Organizational leadership, Policy and Development from the University of Minnesota, a master’s in International Development Policy from Duke University, and a master’s in Public Administration from Sadat Academy. Hussein has several publications in academic journals and UN publications on public participation, entrepreneurship, business strategies, social networks, and gender equality.