Senior Fellow

Ankhi Das is a public policy expert, a South Asian woman business leader and VC investor dedicated to improving technology access and digital transformation for promoting economic growth, education and strengthening digital rights in South Asia. She has over twenty five years of operating and leadership experience representing US tech companies in the South Asia region and driving partnerships with public, private and social sectors.

Ankhi turned a full-time entrepreneur from 2021 and co-founded an early stage VC fund Ankurit Capital which is focused on digital transformation of our everyday transactional economy and early stage deeptech and AI firms. Deeply committed to helping founders scale and grow she brings heart, hustle and deep industry insights to all aspects of the fund, including building deal pipeline and founder engagements, investor relations and LP engagements, fundraising, investment decision making, team building and other operational aspects involved in an early stage venture fund.

In a short time, Ankurit Capital, has built a small but promising portfolio of B2B and B2C startups in fintech, creator economy, Deeptech and D2C commerce.

For almost a decade she served as Facebook's (now Meta) public policy leader for India, south and central Asia, building one of the biggest policy team in tech sector in the region and contributed to the company’s growth mission, helping the Facebook family of apps in India grow from 8 million users in 2011 to over 450 million users in 2020. She also led impact grant making through a variety of program investments to non-profits to promote a safer internet, advance skills and economic opportunity for small and micro enterprises, particularly women led businesses.

Prior to Facebook, Ankhi had a long career at MSFT where she held various roles including being the Policy Director and Head of corporate citizenship for the company in India.

Ankhi enjoys working with the community of founders and innovators and believes that equitable societies are a product of economic expansion via creation of more firms and businesses