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Alumni Updates

September 2018

MIDP 1998

Eliana Villar Marquez is a Peruvian Gender Equity Specialist and Sociologist. She is currently the 2018 Echidna Global Scholar at the Brookings Institute researching how to improve education data to count minority girls in Peru.

August 2018

MIDP 2016

Elohim Monard is now with the Prime Minister’s Office of Peru, responsible for monitoring and supporting the government priorities on Safety and Security (Seguridad Ciudadana).  He and his girlfriend, Micaela, recently married in a ceremony attended by classmates from both Duke and UNC.  

MIDP 2015

Lyttelton Braima is now the Deputy Director of Frontier Research.  He is based in Sierra Leone.

MIDP 2007

Azzedine Chergui continues to serve as Resident Advisor at the Duke International Patient Center.  In addition, he is an Affiliated Faculty with the Duke Islamic Studies Center and a Diversity and Inclusion Trainer with the Duke Office of Institutional Equity.

July 2018

MIDP 2018

Sosro Dahana is now the Team Leader of Risk Management in the Project Management Office, Directorate of Business Transformation, Directorate General of Taxes in Indonesia.

MIDP 2018

Allegra Panetto is now a Management and Performance Analyst, Policy Division, USAID

MIDP 2017

Albert Nyuangar Jr. is the Administrator of the Board of Tax Appeals Republic of Liberia. The Board of Tax Appeals is a quasi-judicial institution established as an independent body under the Revenue Code of Liberia Section 60 to settle tax disputes between taxpayers and the Liberia Revenue Authority.  

MIDP 2016

Jennifer Kunz is now a Research Manager supporting literacy intervention in Primary Schools with Stepping Stones International, a NGO.  She is based in Botswana.

MIDP 2002

Eshref Trushin received his PhD in Business and Management from Queen Mary University in London, and is now a senior lecturer in economics at De Montfort University.

June 2018

MIDP 2008

Hitoshi Aoyagi is now the Director of Japan Innovation Network.