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Alumni Updates

November 2018

MIDP 2006

Kyunghee KIM received her Ph.D. in Statistics.  She continues to work with the Korean Government.

MIDP 2006

Santosh Thiruthimana is now CEO of Lokyata, a global financial technologies company that powers lending platforms including microfinance banks, peer to peer networks, mobile wallets and agent networks with credit scoring technology and timely business critical signals and analytics. He is based in DC.

MIDP 2005

Zaur Muslumov is now Senior Staff Planning Analyst in the Corporate Strategic Planning Division with Chevron.

MIDP 2004

Young-seok Yoon is now serving as an Assemblyperson in the Korean National Assembly. He is a member of the Economic and Finance Committee.

MIDP 2000

David Thompson is now the Acting Mission Director at the USAID based in Tanzania.

MIDP 1998

Li Gu is now an Economist with the Division of Banking Supervision and Regulation with the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

MIDP 1997

Vitaly Yermakov was featured in the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies Energy Podcast discussing Russia’s gas supply surplus.  He is the Director of the Center for Energy Policy Research at the National University Higher School of Economics.

October 2018

MIDP 2010

Vera Lalchevska is now the Director, Joint Representative Office to the United Nations Office in Geneva for Worldwide Network of Macedonian NGOs.

September 2018

MIDP 2015

Ellen Jefferys-White has shifted into a research support role, for global-based intimate partner violence, with Innovations for Poverty Action. She is now based in Evanston, IL.

MIDP 2015

Felipe Magofke is now a Sales Manager with CMPC USA, Inc. CMPC is a Chilean paper and forest product company. He and his family now reside in Atlanta.