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Alumni Updates

December 2018

MIDP 2014

Partomuan Juniult is now Section Chief of the Special Tax Office for the Government of Indonesia.

MIDP 2014

Tom Nicholson, DCID Associate in Research, visited Russia to help design and support a coalition against Hepatitis C in Vladimir, a city outside Moscow of about half a million people. As part of a planning grant for a larger health delivery project in the future, Nicholson met with public health officials, local non-governmental organizations, and spoke with current and former patients. The topics discussed included the considerable potential of new curative Hep C drugs to reverse the Hep C epidemic there, while identifying barriers to care and potential solutions.

MIDP 2013

Muyatwa Sitali is a Programmes and Outreach Officer with UNICEF’s Water and Sanitation for All Initiative. He is based in New York.

MIDP 2012

Emilia Chiscop-Head will join Duke’s new initiative in Advancing Scientific Integrity, Services and Training (ASIST) as a Scientific Integrity Associate. 

MIDP 2010

Ghada Ahmed wrote a chapter on "Global Wheat Value Chains" for the Oxford Handbook of Food, Water, and Society. From the abstract: "This chapter uses the global value chain (GVC) lens to examine the global wheat industry, its governance structure, and the key value chain dynamics that drive power in the chain. GVCs refer to the sequence of value-added activities that comprise the creation, delivery, and end use of a given product or service and the role of actors in the chain."

MIDP 2000

Priscila Izar is part of a research team that will be launching a CityLab at Ardhi University, where she currently works.  The CityLab Programme facilitates the co-production of policy-relevant knowledge related to urban poverty.  It is a program of the African Centre for Cities.  Priscila and her husband David Thompson currently reside in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

MIDP 1997

Vitaly Yermakov was featured in the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies Energy Podcast discussing Russia’s gas supply surplus. He is the Director of the Center for Energy Policy Research at the National University Higher School of Economics. Listen to the interview.

November 2018

MIDP 2018

Lilli (Elizabeth) Baldwin is now Technical Officer, Preventing Violent Conflict and Extremism, and Youth Engagement with the Civil Society and Peacebuilding Department, FHI360.

MIDP 2018

Parviz Ahmadov is now a consultant with the Social Protection and Jobs unit at the World Bank. He also works as a research assistant at the Center for Turkish Studies at the Middle East Institute.

MIDP 2017

Kenan Karakulah is now a consultant at the World Bank, in the Macroeconomics, Trade and Investment (MTI) unit.