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Alumni Updates

May 2019

MIDP 2017

Estuardo Pineda now works for UNICEF as the Director of Innovation and Technology Strategy in Guatemala. He is promoting the use of innovation and technology to solve some of the social Guatemalan issues such as chronic malnutrition. 

MIDP 2014

Rhett Sangster is working at the Office of the Treaty Commissioner in Saskatoon to facilitate gatherings of Indigenous and non-Indigenous "champions" for trust and relationship building (working in 8 communities).  He and his family are based in Saskatoon, Canada.

April 2019

MIDP 2018

Techa Beaumont and his husband Leeroy had a new baby - Mahlukai Ezra Oscar Mills-Beaumont, who was born on March 19, 2019. Congratulations! Techa has taken a few months maternity leave from her new work at the Centre of Conservation Geography, an environmental consultancy company. She has been working since her return to Australia in the role of Co-director, doing a combination of research-based project work and organizational management. 

MIDP 2016

Carlos Juarez is now the director of the Mexico Office of Institute for Economics and Peace.

MIDP 2014

Sukkasem Waewnet is now also working with the South Asia Region (SAR) Chief Economist as an author of South Asia Economic Focus, Spring 2019 : Exports Wanted. Waewnet is also working to evaluate the Subnational Public Expenditure Database (SPED) for Pakistan with the aim of building a reliable source of information on Pakistan’s fiscal decentralization and sub-national spending.

MIDP 1995

Bibiana Vasquez continues to work as an external consultant for the United Nations International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) and the IADB.  She also works as a life coach.  She is based in Barcelona, Spain.

March 2019

MIDP 2017

Habib Ur Rehman is now Country Representative for the Kaizen Company.  He is based in Pakistan.

MIDP 2016

Meirzhan Myrzaliyev was appointed to the post of Deputy Mayor of the Turkestan region in southern Kazakhstan.

MIDP 2016

Straven Willie is now a Program Specialist for Gender Responsive Budgeting at UNWomen.  He is based in Liberia.

MIDP 2007

David Llanos is now a Data Scientist with FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).  He and his wife, Paola Carvajal (MIDP 2008) live in Washington, DC area.