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Alumni Updates

October 2019

MIDP 1992

Mariko Russel now holds the position of Chief of Operations at Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

September 2019

MIDP 2019

Yuto Hashimoto is now studying toward a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management at MIT. He is living in Boston.

MIDP 2019

Alhousseyni Maiga now works at buildOn as the Mali Country Director.

MIDP 2017

Saidu Amara now works with the National Monitoring and Evaluation Department under the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development in Sierra Leone.

MIDP 2012

Eduardo Marenco now works in Washington, D.C. at the Interamerican Development Bank as a Communication Consultant.

July 2019

MIDP 2010

Josephine Mwenda is now a Programme Management Officer with the Monitoring and Evaluation unit at United Nation-OCT.  She is based in New York.

MIDP 2009

Claudia Paccieri is the General Secretariat of the International Chamber of Commerce Bolivian chapter since September 2017. On April 2018 Claudia and her family welcome her first baby Rafaela. 

June 2019

MIDP 2017

Joshua Cootware is now Project Manager with the Security and Stabilization unit, Tetra Tech.

MIDP 2007

Mendsaikhan (Mendee) Khasbaatar (MIDP Non-degree Certificate 2007) is now a Program Management Associate with the U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council (OCDC).

MIDP 2007

Malika Baimatova Lockley now lives in Edmonton, Canada.  She works as a PMO analyst for EPCOR Utilities Inc.