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Alumni Updates

March 2019

MIDP 2017

Habib Ur Rehman is now Country Representative for the Kaizen Company.  He is based in Pakistan.

MIDP 2016

Straven Willie is now a Program Specialist for Gender Responsive Budgeting at UNWomen.  He is based in Liberia.

February 2019

MIDP 2018

Mariam Matevosyan is now a Program Officer at the International Republican Institute.  She is based in Washington, DC.  Upon graduation Mariam was selected for a Saghdejian Capital Gateway Fellowship, a professional development program for young Armenians who wish to work in Washington, DC.

MIDP 2018

Raha Khademi is now a Program Coordinator with Duke’s Science and Society Initiative.

MIDP 2017

Estuardo Pineda continues as a non-resident Associate in Research at the Duke Center for International Development (DCID). In addition, he is now a Monitoring and Evaluation Expert at Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI).  He is based in Guatemala.

MIDP 2015

Ellen Bates-Jefferys is now a Senior Program Associate of the Intimate Partner Violence Initiative with Innovations for Poverty Action.  She is based out of Northwestern University’s Buffett Institute for Global Studies and spends time in both Illinois and Monrovia, Liberia.

MIDP 2012

Agon Maligi  has been selected for a Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship at the National Endowment for Democracy.  During the spring of 2019 he will spend 5 months at the NED in Washington, DC, researching resilience and constituency building for liberal democracy in the Western Balkans.

MIDP 2009

Shawn Selleck was elected to serve as the city clerk of Providence, Rhode Island.  He says, “I’m very excited about this new role and to continue following my passion for delivering a more transparent, accessible government in hopes of increasing civic engagement and strengthening our democracy.”

MIDP 2008

Zhiyan Arif is now a Global Technology Associate with Chemonics International. She is based in Arlington, VA.

January 2019

MIDP 2018

Chao Chen interned with Duke’s Belt and Road Initiative before returning to China to continue her work in international cooperation with National Development and Reform Commission of China.