Ali Elker

Ali at Sanford (center, plaid shirt)

When did you graduate?


Where are you from?


What are you doing now?

I am an internal auditor with the Undersecretariat of the Treasury in the Government of Turkey

Why did you choose MIDP to further your education?

Before I applied to the program, I was working as a budget expert at the ministry of finance. I was searching a program that was comprehensive and that would help me to develop in my existing area of expertise.The MIDP program content made me very excited. I thought the program was a great opportunity for me. Of course, the advice of my colleagues who had been joined the program before was an important factor.

What were some of your favorite aspects of the program?

The atmosphere created by the students with professional experience and top-notch professors makes the MIDP program different from its competitors. The professional development service, in particular, is one of the extraordinary aspects of the program.

What else have you been pursuing professionally after your time at Duke?

After my education at Duke, I returned to my country. I had the opportunity to apply the techniques I learned under the program in my work. The program has always been a guide for my joint projects with international organizations. The program has many benefits in terms of following current issues in the field of public financial management in the world and finding solutions to public financial problems. I am currently PhD student in my country and still using the skills I learned under the program.

What have you learned in the program that you bring to work everyday?

Following the latest developments in my field and constantly striving for self-improvement was one of the most important skills I acquired in the program. I have had the chance to transfer the methodology I learned in the field of public financial management to my role in the Ministry of Finance.

Ali with Glenday

Ali with Professor Graham Glenday  and another MIDP alum, Onur Varoglu (MIDP ’16) in Ankara, Turkey in 2017


What is your advice to current students?

They should remember two things during the program. Firstly, they should actively participate in the program. Secondly, they should constantly think: “how can I apply what I am learning right now to my field?” The program is really inclusive in terms of content and what you’re learning is actually compatible with real life.

Would you recommend pursuing the MIDP degree to prospective students, why?

Yes, I highly recommend the MIDP program to all prospective students. The faculty and staff really value and give importance to the professional experience of the students they have chosen each year. This makes it easier for students to consolidate real life and theory- which is really an important factor for professional success after graduation.

Interviewed by Brooklyn Bass

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