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Edmund Malesky discusses President Biden's historic visit to Vietnam on BBC News

Edmund Malesky, director of the Duke Center for International Development, spoke to BBC World News about the significance of President Joseph Biden’s state visit to Hanoi, Vietnam, to meet with General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and announce the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.

During the Sept. 11 interview, Malesky explained the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership – Vietnam's highest tier of international partnership and a status it had previously only granted to China, Russia, India and South Korea – “allows the two countries to cooperate in more depth on a whole range of activities,” including addressing environmental, trade, political and other concerns in the region.

Watch the interview.

Malesky, a professor of political economy at Duke, is a specialist on Southeast Asia, particularly Vietnam. His research agenda is at the intersection of Comparative and International Political Economy, falling into three major categories: 1) Authoritarian political institutions and their consequences; 2) The political influence of foreign direct investment and multinational corporations; and 3) Political institutions, private business development, and formalization. He joined the Duke Center for International Development as the director in 2020.