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Adebimpe Femi-Oyewo MIDP ’18 featured in EduTimes Africa

In the magazine's cover story, the Duke alumna discusses her work, which includes securing $12.9m of foreign scholarships for Africans since founding Edward Consulting four years ago.

Adebimpe Femi-Oyewo MIDP ’18, founder and education lead at Edward Consulting, is the subject of EduTimes Africa’s October 2023 cover story.

In an interview for the publication’s “How Education Made Me” series, Femi-Oyewo discussed her background, career path and passion for impact-driven work.

“I am motivated by impact,” said the international development and education specialist. “With almost everything that I get involved in or I do, there has to be impact. I have to feel like I am leaving a place better than I met it, that I’m part of a solution and that I’m leading and living my life from a place of empathy.”

In 2019, Femi-Oyewo founded Edward Consulting, an educational consulting firm that helps international students from African countries access affordable quality higher education by connecting them to top universities and scholarships abroad. In the past four years, the firm has secured admission and more than $12.9 million for both graduate and undergraduate studies at top universities like MIT, Oxford, Columbia, McGill, INSEAD, UPenn, Cambridge, Duke, and many others.

"It’s just gratifying to know that you’re part of someone’s journey and you’re helping them to become their best self," she said.

Femi-Oyewo is also the co-founder of Kinnect, a nongovernmental organization that fosters volunteerism by collaborating with local nonprofits to solve social challenges in Nigeria. She graduated with a Master of International Development Policy from Duke University's Sanford School of Public Policy in 2018.

Read the interview.