Cost of Attendance

Estimated cost for the first year of study, rounded to the nearest U.S. dollar (cost for the second year of study may be based on a 3-5% percent increase of the figures below). 

Students enrolled in the accelerated program are required to attend a summer session and will incur additional tuition and university fees, as well as living expenses.

Estimated CostsFall 2024Spring 2025Academic Year
Educational Expenses   
Sanford MIDP Tuition$27,198$27,198$54,396.00
Student Medical Insurance$3,713-$3,713.00
Health Fee$472.50$472.50$945.00
Sanford Activity Fee$50$50$100.00
Graduate Activity Fee$18.25$18.25$36.50
Graduate Recreational Facility Fee$180$180$360.00
Transcript Fee$120-$120.00
Graduate Student Services Fee$11.50$11.50$23.00
Educational Supplies   
Books & Supplies$322$322$644.00
Student Living Expenses   
Board (Food)$1,880$2,350$4,230.00
Housing & Utilities$6,008$7,510$13,518.00
Total Cost of Attendance$42,773.25$41,612.25$84,385.50


Summer Estimated Cost 

Summer Tuition

(2 courses @ $2,267 per credit)


Summer Student Health Fee




Estimated CostTraditional (48 credits) MIDPAccelerated (30 credits) MIDP

Estimated Direct Costs

Tuition and Registration Fee$52,050$52,050
Transcript Fee$120$120
Student Health Fee$945$945
Sanford School Fee$100$100
Recreational Facilities Fee$360$360
Graduate Activity Fee$36.50$36.50
Graduate Student Service Fee$23$23
Student Medical Insurance Program (SMIP)$3,282.12$3,282.12
Summer Tuition ($2,169 per credit hour)-$13,014
Summer Health Fee (estimated)-$302
Total Direct Costs$56,916.62$70,232.62

Estimated Indirect Costs
(not billed by Duke University)

Books and Supplies$668$668
Board (food)$4,086$5,448
Housing and Utilities$13,032$17,376
Total Estimated Indirect Costs$23,870$31,604
Total Estimated Cost of Attendance
(Direct + Indirect Costs)

Health Insurance Requirement

All graduate students are required to have health insurance. International students must use Duke Student Health Insurance and will be enrolled automatically during the fall semester. Coverage is provided for the entire academic year. 

We highly encourage students to add their spouse to the health insurance plan for the 2023-24 year; the annual charge is $6,182. To add child(ren), the annual charge is $3,512. To add a family (spouse and children) the annual charge is $9,692. 

Learn more about Duke's health insurance requirement.

Health Insurance Rates for 2023-24

Medical Insurance Carrier: Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Cost for 2023-24 year (August through July):

  • $3,282.12

Cost for fall only:

  • $1,386.80 (with $33 processing/admin Fee)
  • $1,353.80 (without $33 processing/admin fee)

Cost for spring only:

  • $1,928.32 (with $33 processing/admin fee)
  • $1,895.32 (without $33 processing/admin fee).

Spouse/Domestic partner enrollment only:

  • $3,168.60

Dependent enrollment only:

  • $3,529.20

Family enrollment without the student’s insurance cost:

  • $6,697.80

Dental Insurance Carrier: Aetna Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

Cost for 2023-24 year (August through July): $329.00

No prorated charges are offered. Dental enrollment is for the full school benefit year (2023-2024, August through July).

For International Students

Before visa documents are issued, we strongly encourage international students to show proof of funding for living expenses of at least $2,000 per month.

Duke Visa Services is unable to issue student visas unless a student is able to demonstrate funding at a bare minimum of US $1,600/month for a single person. Additional proof of funding is required if students will be accompanied by a spouse and/or children. The minimum amount of funding that must be demonstrated for a spouse is $750/month and the amount for each child is $350/month excluding health insurance.