You can maximize your Duke experience by combining your MIDP degree with concurrent certificates offered by other departments and schools at Duke 

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Graduate Certificate

Through this experiential Certificate program, aspiring innovators, entrepreneurs, and founders from across Duke’s graduate and professional programs can complement their course of study, support their career goals, expand their networks, and work on ideas to make a real impact. This Certificate, which is open to all Duke’s graduate and professional students, can be completed in one year at no additional cost; admissions for the program are rolling. Students may also elect to participate in specific courses or programmatic elements without completing the Certificate. Learn more. 

African and African American Studies Certificate

Graduate students enrolled in the program are encouraged to participate in all African & African American Studies program events, including the program’s lecture series and symposia. African & African American Studies at Duke has a specific interdisciplinary focus on Diaspora Studies and Gender Studies. This emphasis characterizes both our faculty’s strength and the curriculum’s critical interdisciplinary strategy. AAAS at Duke University is committed to a new model of Black Studies, one which sees race as inevitably intertwined with other social hierarchies and one which forces attention to continuities and disjunctures of social experience across the Diaspora. Learn more.

Information Science and Studies Certificate

The purpose of the ISS Graduate Certificate is to offer an interdisciplinary program at the graduate level that focuses on the study and creation of new information technologies and the analysis of their impact on art, culture, science, medicine, commerce, society, policy, and the environment. The program is designed for masters’s and doctoral students wishing to complement their primary disciplinary focus with an interdisciplinary certificate in Information Science + Studies. Learn more. 

Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Allows students to focus on coursework across departments relating to this region. Requires proficiency in a Latin American or Caribbean language. Learn more.

East Asian Studies

Allows students to focus on cross-disciplinary coursework relating to this region. Requires proficiency in an East Asian language. Learn more.

Slavic, Eurasian and East European Studies

Provides specialization in a range of different disciplines including Slavic language, economics, history, political science, public policy, law and business. Learn more.

International Peace and Conflict Resolution

This certificate, offered by the University of North Carolina’s University Center for International Studies, requires 15 credits on topics related to international peace and conflict resolution plus participation in the Duke-UNC Rotary seminars. For information, contact Duke-UNC Rotary Center Coordinator Susan Carroll at Learn more.

Middle East Studies

A joint offering of the Consortium in Middle East Studies through the Department of Asian and Middle East Studies at Duke and the Department of Religious Studies at UNC. Learn more.

Russian Legal Studies

Permits those interested in issues relating to the legal environment in this region to pursue an interdisciplinary study of the subject. Learn more.

Canadian Studies

Permits specialization in issues related to Canada through completing three full graduate courses: Canadian 282S, an interdisciplinary course; studying or demonstrating proficiency in French, a native North American language, or a “heritage language” used in Canada; and completing a graduate thesis or research project on a Canadian or a comparative topic. Learn more.

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