If you have been admitted to the Master of International Development Policy (MIDP) program at Duke University, congratulations! Please see below for information on the next steps you will need to take to join us at Duke. 

Fill out a visa request form

If you are an international student, you will need to fill out the electronic visa request form, which will be sent to you by MIDP staff.  Visa documents CANNOT be issued until you have submitted proof of funding for the tuition, fees, and living expenses, and proof of funding for any dependents who may accompany you.  Refer to our MIDP Visa Application Guide  for full information. To view the tuition, fee and living expenses for current academic year, please visit our Tuition and Fees page.

Get your Duke NetID, Duke Email, DukeHub Account

Each matriculated* student will be assigned a Duke Unique ID, a Student Number, a Duke Net ID, and a Duke email address. Duke Office of Information Technology (OIT) will email each of you with your Student Number, NetID, start-up password, and information on how to reset a password and activate your account on DukeHub, the automated registration and student information system at Duke. Once you have received your link from OIT, click on it ASAP before it expires, and follow the directions. Your Net ID is your email, so add  @duke.edu. If the email from OIT is older than three days, you need a new one. Go to here and fill out the form and provide the required proof of identity. It should take less than 15 minutes to receive a new link.

Please contact OIT directly at 919-684-2200 or at help@duke.edu if you have not received your Net ID information or if you experience any problems attempting to log on to DukeHub (the automated registration and student information system at Duke). Until you activate your student account on DukeHub with your Net ID and password, you will not be able to access or execute automated functions for new students. Watch this video for Tech Tips from Duke OIT.

* You will be matriculated once you accept the admissions offer. The students who have not secured funding and/or visas (international students) in order to begin the semester on time will be de-matriculated.*

Set Up Multi-Factor Identification

You will also need to set up the Multi-Factor Authentication system. This is an additional, security approval step that is required to access accounts. There are instructions on the Multi-Factor Authentication System page for how to set up this additional security step to best suit your needs and devices. Please see their user-guide for detailed instructions. A notification at the time of log in that will require your response may be sent to a smart phone, basic cell phone, home or office phone, or a tablet. You will need to enroll your device online on the Multi-Factor Authentication System page by clicking the ‘Enroll in MFA now’ button at the bottom of the page. If your preferred device to receive notifications is a smart phone or tablet, Duke recommends using the app Duo to facilitate the process.

Join the MIDP Current Student Facebook Group

MIDP has created a Facebook page for current MIDP fellows. Please click on the following link to join the group and get to know your fellow classmates before arriving in Durham: https://www.facebook.com/groups/150939408419539/.

Complete the Online Health history and Immunization Form

Prior to arriving on campus it is mandatory for incoming students to complete the online health history and immunization form. The preferred deadline* for Fall semester is June 15, for Spring semester December 15. The Duke NetID is required to access this form. To review the health and immunization compliance requirements and access the form, as well as review information regarding the Duke Student Health Insurance Policy, which is required for international students, visit the Duke Student Health Center website.

* While the preferred deadline is June 15 to ensure there are no delays with processing your paperwork, records will be accepted after this date. Immunization forms should be submitted before your arrival on campus. If you do not complete your required immunizations, you will be withdrawn from the university after 30 days. *

Submit Student Directory Information

Each year the Sanford School compiles a Graduate Student Directory. The Graduate Student Directory includes photographs and short biographies of students in each Sanford School graduate program (MIDP, MPP and Ph.D.). Please submit a photograph (a color photo of your head and face only) and a one-paragraph biography by July 16  in a Word document to to SAKAI. To submit it to SAKAI, you need to login with your net ID and password.  

The biography should contain the following information:

  • Last name, First name
  • Gender
  • Country of citizenship
  • A short paragraph written in the third person (i.e. “Jay studied at…” instead of “I studied at…”) which tells us the degrees you have earned, where you have studied, places you have worked and what you hope to accomplish during your MIDP studies.

Last Name, First Name


Republic of Korea

Sample 1 holds a BA in Business Administration from the Seoul National University and has worked as a Senior Deputy Director of the Policy Planning Division and Policy Strategy Bureau at the Presidential Committee for the G-20 Summit. He previously worked for the Ministry of Strategy and Finance and the Ministry of Planning and Budget. During his time in the MIDP program he plans to research issues that he has seen on the G20 Agenda and he is particularly interested in development and strengthening of global financial safety nets and in exploring ways to provide greater access to credit and financial services for developing countries.

Last Name, First Name                                     



Sample 2 holds a BA in Economics from the Federal University of Para in Brazil and has studied Marketing Management at the Fundacao Getulio Vargas in Rio de Janeiro. She has most recently worked as an economist for the Para State Commerce Association and had previously been a professor at Amazonia University. During the MIDP program, she hopes to study the role of ecotourism in the promotion of sustainable economic development and environmental conservation.

Submit Duke ID Card Photo

Every member of the Duke community must carry a Duke Identification Card at all times. This ID card gives faculty, students and staff access to buildings and services and enhances campus security. Your card will be activated to allow access  to buildings and facilities after hours during the week and on weekends. It also allows access to the Sanford School parking lot after 5:00 pm on weekdays and all day on weekends. Another feature of the Duke Card is the Flexible Spending Account, which will allow you to add funds and pay for meals and services on campus. Please review the Duke Card Website for more information about your Duke Card.

You will need to upload your photo before you arrive. We ask you to submit your photo through the DukeCard website by July 16 at the latest. Photo specifications are found on the website. Due to the pandemic, we strongly encourage you to use the Mobile DukeCard. You can use the Mobile Duke Card anywhere a physical one can be used. 

Math, Statistics, and Economics Reviews

Please download and review MIDP – Basic math and economics review suggestions that would help you to take the economics and stats assessments. 

Complete the Online Economics Assessment

In order to determine proper placement in our economics core courses, all incoming fellows are required to take the Online Economics Assessment. The link to the assessment is located SAKAI(MIDP Program Information\Onboarding and Arrival) and the deadline is July 16 for fall 2021 incoming fellows. 

Complete the Online Statistics Assessment 

In order to determine proper placement in our statistics core and other courses, all incoming fellows are required to take the Online Statistics Assessment. Based on the result, you will either be exempt from Empirical Analysis (statistics) or you will enroll in it. The link to the assessment is located SAKAI (MIDP Program Information\Onboarding and Arrival) and the deadline is July 16 for fall 2021 incoming fellows


SAKAI (https://sakai.duke.edu/) connects you and the faculty at Duke to support teaching and learning activities. For incoming fellows, please go to “MIDP Program Information” and click on the “Onboarding and Arrivals” page for submitting online assessments, bios, and photos. You can also download MIDP syllabi from SAKAI.

Complete Online Sexual Assault Prevention Training for Graduate Students (SAPG) 

SAPG is offered to all incoming graduate and professional students. Please see full information on the page https://studentaffairs.duke.edu/SAPG and the recent email from Duke Student Affairs.

Learn about the speaking and writing assessments for international students

Unique to the MIDP program is our in-house writing and communication service that includes practicums in writing, editing, and presentations. To help us better serve you, you will be required to complete a short writing assessment during orientation week. During the semester, your speaking goals will be assessment during class time. These assessments will assist our program in determining whether you need additional coursework in writing or presentation to support your studies in the program. The focus of these assessments is on professional communication skills in an international, policy setting. While your assessments may indicate you will be required to enroll in an MIDP practicum(s), we encourage all fellows to utilize the practicums to support the work in your subjects. These practicums complement and support the degree courses and, as such, do not count toward degree requirements.

Review the Academic Calendar

Please review the Duke academic calendar for course start and end dates as well as breaks and holidays. MIDP-specific events and dates will be sent via email as needed.

Register for Classes (on DukeHub)

More information about course registration will be available via email and you can review the MIDP course requirements here.

Register with Duke Visa Services Office (upon arrival)

Duke University policy states that all non-US citizen Duke students must present evidence of immigration status to the Duke Visa Services within 5 business days of their arrival in Durham and, whenever, thereafter, their status changes. Watch the Duke Visa Services E-registration video linked on the Visa Services webpage (you may need to download the power point). Additional information may be found on the Registrations, Walk-Ins, and Appointments page. Failure to comply will result in the inability to enroll for classes. Any students who are outside the U.S. and are unable to comply will be handled on a case by case basis. Watch this short video for more information on the Duke Visa Services Office.

*Due to COVID, if you submitted your visa documents via email, please bring your original copies upon arrival to Jooyoung Chun, the MIDP Academic Services Coordinator. 

Orientation Events

Information about the format and schedule will follow via email. Please check your email* frequently for communications from the MIDP administrative office. Now, we have the updated Fall 2021 MIDP Orientation schedule, so click here! 

*The MIDP office will use the email address provided on your application until you officially start your classes. Please send any updates of your contact information to midpinfo@duke.edu.*

COVID Protocols and Vaccination

Please visit here: Health Guidance – Keep Learning (duke.edu) for COVID protocols for 2021 Fall semester. You can request vaccine appointments at COVID Vaccine | Duke.


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