Tuition and Fees

2022-2023, 2023-2024 Academic Year

Estimated cost for the first year of study, rounded to the nearest U.S. dollar (cost for the second year of study may be based on a 3~5% percent increase of the figures below).


2023-2024 Academic Year – Estimated Cost

Educational ExpensesMIDP 2 year programMIDP the accelerated
30 credit degree program
Tuition and Registration Fee $52,050$52,050
Transcript Fee$120$120
Student Health Fee$945$945
Sanford School Fee$100$100
Recreational Facility Fee$360$360
Graduate Activity Fee$36.50$36.50
Graduate Student Service Fee$23$23
Student Medical Insurance Program (SMIP)
Summer Tuition ($2,169 per credit hour)$13,014
Summer Heath Fee
 2022-2023 Academic Year 
Educational ExpensesMIDP 2 year programMIDP the accelerated
30 credit degree program

Tuition and Registration Fee$50,047$50,047
Student Health Fee$899$899
Transcript Fee$120$120
Sanford School Fee $100$100
Recreational Facility Fee$341.50$341.50
Graduate Activity Fee$36.50$36.50
Graduate Student Services Fee$22$22
Student Medical Insurance Program (SMIP)
*2021-2022 Plan Rate 
Summer Tuition ($2,085 per credit hour)$12,512
Summer Health Fee$302
Total $55,171.00$67,985.00
Summer Academic Institute (optional)  $3,000  

Living Expenses for Students:

Before visa documents will be issued, international students must show proof of adequate funding for living expenses that will be incurred during the first year of study. 

Estimated living expenses for 2022-2023 are US $1,600/month for a single person. International students entering the program must prove possession of the first twelve months of living expenses ($1,600/month x 12 months), for a total of $19,200.

Living expenses for spouses and children:

Additional proof of funding is required if students will be accompanied by a spouse and/or children. The amount of funding that must be demonstrated for a spouse is $750/month and the amount for each child is $350/month. So as an example, if an international student wishes to bring a spouse and two children with them, they would need to prove an additional $17,400 of funding ($750/month x 12 months + $700/month x 12 months).

To add a spouse to the health insurance for the 2022-2023 academic year, the annual charge is $6,182. To add a child(ren), the annual charge is $3,512. To add a family (spouse and children), the annual charge is $9,692. For more information, please visit here

* All graduate students are required to have health insurance. International students are required to use the Duke student health insurance and will be enrolled automatically during the fall semester. Coverage is provided for the entire academic year.

** Students enrolled in the one-year degree program are required to attend a summer session and will incur these additional tuition and university fees. Additional living expenses will also be incurred.

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