Unlike many of his colleagues, who were experiencing Duke University and the United States for the first time, Khamis Mwalim was revisiting the place to which he attributes his professional growth. Mwalim, a Manager for the Tanzania Revenue Authority and a 2011 MIDP-ITP graduate, returned to Duke for a week in September to take part of DCID’s new Executive Education Program on “Transfer Pricing: Policy and Practice.”

Mwalim has been working as a tax treaty negotiator since 2012 and is a member of the Tanzanian delegation for the development of tax treaty. In this position he has traveled to China, United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, Iran, Kuwait, UK and South Korea. He credits his experience at Duke for helping him get in the right mindset for negotiations, “Every negotiation is completely different,” Mwalim said, “There is continuous learning, and to be an effective negotiator you have to know everything about the income tax systems.”

He also credits his time spent at DCID for his decision to enroll in the Transfer Pricing program. “Everything I learned in the MIDP and ITP program I can apply to my current job,” he said, “and it even opened the door for a specialization in Transfer Pricing.”

“Transfer pricing,” he said, “is a must for tax administrations, particularly in Africa, to build capacity. This program will help me because now I know where developing countries should be going as far as transfer pricing programs are concerned. I will also be more confident in issues of transfer pricing when I am involved with global taxation agreements between my country and another country.”

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