Digital youth empowerment platform - COVID-19 ChatBot in Guatemala


Thousands of Young people in Guatemala are now getting life-saving information on COVID-19 through U-Report[1], UNICEF’s digital youth empowerment platform, that uses WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to communicate about vital issues.

In February 2020, Estuardo Pineda (MIDP ’17 and DCID Associate in Research) and his Innovation team in UNICEF Guatemala launched a COVID-19 chatbot that combats rumors, gathers public health data, and spreads lifesaving information.   This bot is helping thousands of Guatemalan Young people to be informed on COVID-19, getting reliable information on where communities can seek assistance, especially during the nationwide curfew that started last March.

U-Report is UNICEF’s mobile empowerment platform that gives young people in 68 countries a voice on issues that matter to them.

COVID-19 Chatbot Interface

[1] Launched in Uganda in 2011, U-Report gathers opinions and information from young people on topics from education and jobs to child marriage. Users, known as ‘U-Reporters’, respond to polls, report issues and support campaigns. Their insights are then shared with the communities and policy-makers who’s decisions affect young people’s lives. It’s free, anonymous and easy to use, with one of the most popular features being the chatbots which answer questions about everything from Ebola to sexual health.

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