The World Bank Group has selected four first-year fellows in the Master of International Development Policy (MIDP) program for summer internships at two of its units.

Albert Nyuangar of Liberia will be working with the Doing Business project, which provides measures of business regulations for local firms worldwide. Garry Kasparov of Armenia, Siddharth Dixit of India and Kenan Karakulah of Turkey will be working with the Enabling the Business of Agriculture project, which aims to identify and monitor policies and regulations that impact how markets function in the agricultural sector.

“Experiencing and contributing to policies at one of the top organizations in international development will be a great experience for me,” Karakulah said. “During my internship, I want to be part of the policymaking process, including not only data gathering and compiling but also transforming data to policies.”

In addition, McSwain Forkoh of the Master of Public Policy (MPP) program will be working with Nyuangar on the Doing Business project.

Fellows were able to meet with World Bank Group officials and learn more about the organization’s operations during the annual MIDP Professional Development Trip to Washington, D.C., which took place Jan. 10-12. 

This is the third year of the informal partnership between the World Bank Group and the MIDP, which is administered by the Duke Center for International Development (DCID) at the Sanford School of Public Policy.

Felipe Magofke (MIDP ’15) of Chile was the first fellow to earn an internship with the Enabling the Business of Agriculture project in 2014. Meirzhan Myrzaliyev of Kazakhstan, who will graduate in 2016, was selected the following year.

Their work focused on assessing how laws, regulations, policies and infrastructure affect the ability of farmers and large agricultural producers to produce, sell and market their products, as well as deliver affordable food to a growing population.

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