For the third year, a team from DCID in the Sanford School of Public Policy, with the participation of faculty from two Zambian universities, conducted a seminar on investment appraisal and economic management for Zambian government officials. This is part of a capacity building program supported by the Zambian Ministry of Finance. The team from DCID this year included professors Fernando Fernholz, Fernando Cossio Munoz and Rosemary Fernholz.

The seminar/workshop took place in Livingstone, Zambia, from July 13 to 24, 2015, and involved professionals from the Ministry of Finance and their counterpart agencies that prepare and implement development projects. The agencies represented have ranged from infrastructure to social services, and on both national and local levels. During the last three years, more than 150 government officials have participated in the capacity building program.

Prior professional engagement of DCID faculty in Zambia during the 1990s led to the initial request for training in 2012. The Ministry of Finance officials and DCID’s Fernando Fernholz shaped the concept of building capacity within Zambia not only in project appraisal and sound economic management, but also in training of the future economic managers in the country. The idea was to involve local participation of faculty from two leading institutions, Copperbelt University and the National Institute of Public Administration from Zambia, starting in the first of three yearly seminar/workshops. Over the three years, the six local faculty members have been increasingly involved in supervising case discussions, and in presentations of specific topics such as risk management. More local case materials have also been developed by DCID for use in the program.

There are plans for further partnership between the Ministry of Finance, the Government of Zambia, Copperbelt University and the National Institute of Public Administration on the Zambian side, and DCID on the other, with a Memorandum of Understanding to cover further activities such as more development of local materials for analysis, and exchange opportunities among professionals. The Secretary of Treasury, who himself had taken the seminar course many years ago, and the Director of Planning, are leading this drive for capacity building within Zambia.

“DCID faculty members encourage this partnership and are committed to support the progression and greater participation by Zambian professionals in public investment capacity building and the development of a strengthened national system of economic planning and management in the country,” Fernando Fernholz said.

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