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Wednesday, March 22, 2017 @ 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Shared Missions: Using Complex Networks for Impact in the U.S. and Developing Countries

Rethinking Development Policy

The ability to analyze and work across complex, adaptive networks has become an essential capability for organizations that want to have a positive, global impact on our planet. Sean Knierim MIDP'08, CEO of Estabrook Investors and founder of SidePorch, will share examples and insights gained from supporting a range of organizations (corporations, foundations, investment firms and government agencies) that operate across traditional boundaries that separate sectors and industries. These insights lead to suggestions for how global actors might align in different ways in coming years, benefiting from a greater ability to access dynamic networks of people, organizations and other resources.As CEO of Estabrook, Sean expanded the firm's existing offerings with a new fund of funds focused on energy, food and water systems. He also founded SidePorch, a consulting group supporting organizations driving positive social impact alongside business returns. He serves on the board of Alliance for Peacebuilding. Previously, Sean held executive positions at the Jeff Skoll Group and the MacArthur Foundation. Refreshments will be provided, and parking passes are available. RSVP at

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