DCID engages in discussions about public policy through events and media. Our goal for engagement is to translate timely academic research into information that is easy for people to understand and use. Through events on campus and in Washington, D.C., we aim to engage academics, policymakers, policy advocates, and community members in conversations about the globe’s most urgent development issues. 


DCID hosts a number of public events on campus at Duke and in Duke’s Washington, D.C. office. 

Past Events Highlights

The New Building Blocks of Development

Duke’s first multidisciplinary conference on international development. 

James Nealon

Responding to the Crisis in the Northern Triangle

A full-day workshop on policy responses, with keynote from former Amb. James Nealon.

Stories from Africa Seminar

Stories from Africa Seminar Series 

A collaboration with Duke Global Health Institute, Margolis, and Duke Africa.

#RefugiARTE exhibit

DCID co-hosted an editorial art exhibit on migration sponsored by UNHCR.


DCID faculty affiliates write op-eds and articles and appear in the news on a wide range of development-related topics.

Past Media Highlights

Sarah Bermeo in the Washington Post/Monkey Cage on people in crisis in Central America

Alex Pfaff in The Hill on the hurdles to  reversing catastrophic environmental loss

Cory Krupp on China, trade, and tariffs and how they affect North Carolina in The Duke Chronicle

Peter Barnes in The Hill urging the IRS to officially respond to financial transactions following Sharia law. 

Eddy Malesky in VoxDev on his research linking employer engagement and safety 

Brookings Institution
Future Development Blog

DCID has a longstanding connection to the Future Development blog of the Brookings Institution, where writing from Duke experts appears regularly.

Media Contact:

Jonathan Abels, DCID Executive Director

jabels@duke.edu | (919) 613-9230

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