"Business leaders often say, 'before you can manage something, you have to be able to measure it.'”
Eddy Malesky
Director, DCID

Professor and DCID Director Eddy Malesky recently presented results from the Myanmar Business Environment Index (MBEI), a large-scale initiative to assess the business environment in Myanmar and inform policies that will help local business owners, foreign investors, and even the “mom and pop” shops of Myanmar flourish. How could one document capture such an expansive and influential project? In this short video, Eddy explains the initiative and its exciting implications.

The MBEI, now in its second year, helps government and business leaders understand the quality of economic governance in Myanmar and foster reforms that support widespread economic growth through private local business development. With generous support from the Asia Foundation and UK Aid, the MBEI joins a growing list of national indices around the world that aim to measure change in economic governance at a national and sub-national level.

Eddy Malesky is a Professor of Political Economy at Duke University and is a noted specialist in economic development, authoritarian institutions, and comparative political economy in Mainland Southeast Asia.

Read the full MBEI 2020 Annual Report here

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