Natalia S. Mirovitskaya has been on the faculty at Duke University since 1995. Her professional focus is on political economy of development and peacebuilding. Dr. Mirovitskaya earned her Ph.D. at the Russian Academy of Sciences (Economics). She has led and participated in numerous national and international research projects and has been a recipient of many awards, including the Excellence in Teaching Award from the Humphrey Fellows Program (University of North Carolina), Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership Grant, NATO Scientific Environmental Affairs Division Grant, and U.S. National Research Council Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Service.

Recently, Dr. Mirovitskaya and William Ascher (Co-Founder of the Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center) have become co-editors of a new book series “Politics, Economics and Inclusive Development” launched by Palgrave MacMillan Publishers. Economic Development Strategies and the Evolution of Violence in Latin America (2012), Development Strategies, Identities, and Conflict in Asia (2013) and The Economic Roots of Conflict and Cooperation in Africa (2013) intend to guide policymakers, development professionals, and activists committed to conflict-sensitive development.

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