Naranzul Visiting EntrepreneurNaranzul Lkhagvasuren is a “mom-prenuer” and investment officer with over eleven years’ experience pursuing financial and social outcomes through impact investment in non-mining small and medium enterprises in Mongolia.

Naranzul was motivated to pursue her Cornell University Masters of Professional Studies in International Development because of her strong desire to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive agrifood system affected by her personal involvement as a founder of honey business and supporting cooperative market in Mongolia.

Before beginning her academic journey at Cornell, Naranzul Lkhagvasuren was Chief Operational Officer at the Pterovis Venture Capital which was the first impact investment firm in Mongolia, where she evaluated the operational and social performance of a portfolio in non-mining sectors. At the same time, she managed Saranagoods LLC which is a social enterprise in the honey industry of Mongolia.

Naranzul started her career in UNFAO “Participatory Forest Management” project in Mongolia where she has learned and motivated to work with rural communities for their income generation and holds bachelor degree in International Economic Relations from the School of Foreign Service, National University of Mongolia in 2006, and a MBA from the University of Finance and Economics of Mongolia in 2012.

While at DCID, Naranzul will focus her research on the role of social enterprise in agri-food value chain in developing countries.

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