Headshot of Ghada Ahmed smiling and wearing a black shirt with flowers against a red brick background.Ghada Ahmed is the founder of Insurgent Business Analytics, a consultancy dedicated to providing new avenues for competitiveness for start-ups, technology companies, international funders, and corporations. Her work focuses on assessing the role of firms, policy, and trade on the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of communities.

Ahmed served as the lead socio-economist with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Bank where she worked on countries’ economic development strategies, regional investments, development assistance analysis, and more recently COVID-19 impact assessments. Before consulting, Ahmed was a senior researcher with the Duke University Global Value Chains Center where she developed a framework to evaluate the impact of multinational company operations on food and energy security. Ahmed’s work is grounded in using quantitative and qualitative methods to analyze localized challenges and opportunities and uncover meaningful insights to help create shared value. Her work covered many sectors such as technology, energy, agribusiness, fisheries, and manufacturing.

Ahmed worked in over 15 countries and is a recognized author with over 30 reports, book chapters, articles, journal publications, and numerous presentations in global fora. Ahmed holds a Master of International Development Policy from Duke University and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and computer science from the American University in Cairo. Ghada is passionate about empowering communities to help themselves, clean water, the environment, and healthy food. Ghada loves to spend time with family and friends, travel, hike, cook, read, and drink coffee and tea.

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