Forty mid- and senior-level officers in the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) celebrated their graduation from an intensive two-week program on tax administration, taxpayer services and human resource management on Wednesday, May 20.

“It has been a very nice journey for all of us,” said program graduate Divya Bajpai. “We have learned much from all of you and, in the process, we have been able to gauge where our country is.”

The program began with two weeks of advance training at the National Institute of Financial Management in Faridabad, India, which is taught by its faculty. The rest of the program is taught by Duke faculty in conjunction with experts from the Internal Revenue Service, the North Carolina Department of Revenue and the World Bank.

Following their training at Duke University, participants traveled to Washington, D.C., and Annapolis, Md., to visit the World Bank and Maryland Revenue Data Processing Center.

DCID faculty has trained more than 300 IRS officers in its custom programs since 2011 and expects to train a total of more than 500 over the next three years.

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