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Science, Technology & Development Policy

Single Course

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Course Name
PUBPOL 790.04
Science, Technology & Development Policy
TTH 1:25-2:40 p.m.

Science and technology play a crucial role in sustainable and inclusive development. They have the potential to provide solutions to societal challenges and contribute to outcomes that enhance the quality of life. Achieving these goals requires responsible governance of science and technology, consideration of the social and ethical implications of new technologies, and policy making that is attuned to the interconnectedness between science and society.
This course examines the complex interactions between science, technology, policy and development using a comparative perspective. The course will cover the role of science and technology in development, the tools and methods used to regulate science and technology, and the differing structure and impacts of science and technology policies in various contexts. The goal of the course is to critically examine the linkages between science, technology and development and the myriad ways in which they shape and are shaped by policy.

YEAR: 2017