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Public Finance in Developing and Emerging Economies

Single Course

SISS Course Name
Course Name
PUBPOL 770.01
Public Finance in Developing and Emerging Economies
Glenday, Shukla, Bhattacharya
MW 1:25-2:40 p.m.

Covers the basic theory, policy and practice of public finance in these economies. It examines the economic roles and rationale for government and potential methods of financing government. The nature of fiscal policy and its relationship to macroeconomic policy is examined, including issues of foreign aid, debt financing and inflation. The course analyzes the approaches to pricing, financing and evaluating public sector outputs such as roads, water, education and electricity. It then reviews and analyzes taxes on trade, consumption, income, property and natural resources considering their economic efficiency and administrative costs and distributional impacts. Methods and importance of forecasting revenues are presented. Special topics include the design and role of tax incentives and environmental taxes. Instructor consent required.

YEAR: 2017
  • Public Financial Management Program - 1 Year
  • Public Financial Management Program - 2 Year
  • International Taxation Program - 1 Year
  • International Taxation Program - 2 Year