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Monitoring and Evaluation for Development Practitioners

Single Course

SISS Course Name
Course Name
PUBPOL 790.01
Monitoring and Evaluation for Development Practitioners
Anne Pizer, Rebecca Goldsmith
TuTh 10:05AM - 11:20AM

This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) for social programs. All organizations implementing development programs put in place systems to track program accomplishments. These M&E systems are driven by different objectives, such as accountability to donors for money spent, or learning about successes and challenges in implementation. This course is aimed at practitioners, who wish to develop and/or understand methods for measuring the results of social programs. This course will teach students how to set up M&E systems that foster data-driven decision making. In addition to books and articles, we will use cases from donors, non-profits and others to cover technical aspects of M&E, including developing a comprehensive program logic, choosing ‘good’ indicators and targets, and designing an appropriate evaluation. The course will be interactive and collaborative. Prerequisites: Introductory statistics course, ability to interpret a regression table, and facility with Excel

YEAR: 2019