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Land Matters: Human Security and Sustainability

Single Course

SISS Course Name
Course Name
PUBPOL 789.02
Land Matters: Human Security and Sustainability
Maureen Lempke
F 10:05AM

Land is one of the most important assets for people and groups throughout the world. It is a cornerstone of economic activity, is a source of livelihoods and security for the rural and urban poor, serves as the foundation for a wide range of cultural and social identities, provides the physical basis for human settlements, is the basis of terrestrial biodiversity and plays a role in climate reuglation. However population growth, urban expansion, over-exploitation of natural resources, skewed land ownership and corruption are resulting in an increasing entrehnchment of poverty and vulnerability, environmental degradation, insecurity and conflict. This course will be partially taught through an online component.

YEAR: 2019