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Bangladesh Public Sector Leaders Complete Duke Executive Education Program


From April 22 to May 13, twenty leaders from the Bangladesh Public Administration Training Center (BPATC), Ministry of Public Administration, participated in a custom executive education program focused on leadership in the public sector. 

This three-week program was directed by Prof. Roy Kelly from Duke University, and included additional faculty members from Duke University and University of North Carolina, as well as government, private sector and NGO leadership experts.  

During the first week, delegates discussed broad topics like the role of leadership in the public sector, institutional design, and change management. Field visits began with the State Legislature and Capitol building. The second week of the program began with approaches to assess leadership qualities, to build enterprising leadership, decision-making and leadership in action. During this week, delegates visited the North Carolina Disaster Management Center, the North Carolina Rural Center and the UNC School of Government.  

The third and final week started with intensive sessions on negotiation skills followed by organizational change management.  Delegates were able to visit the City of Burlington and the City of Durham to learn about public policy leadership and service delivery in North Carolina At the end of the program, participants presented their final papers, each of which captured content and lessons learned during the program, and enjoyed a closing ceremony with speeches and certificates. 


Here are a few photo highlights from the program:

Following a tour of the North Carolina General Assembly, the delegates met with Annis Barbee and Drupti Chauhan. Ms. Chauhan spoke to the delegates about how the central legislative staff is organized and Ms. Barbee explained how the General Assembly trains their employees.


The delegates spent an afternoon visiting the North Carolina Emergency Management center, where they learned about how the center brings together various resources persons during a crisis. Steve Powers, the central branch manager, led a tour of the situation room and the various team break out rooms.


Participants learned about how to develop and encourage “enterprising leadership” in the Bangladesh Civil Service by Prof. Tony Brown, Professor of the Practice at the Sanford School.


Barry Ryan, Vice President of the North Carolina Rural Center, shared his organization’s approach to economic development and community engagement in the rural areas of North Carolina. Mr. Ryan leads efforts around entrepreneurship, small-business lending, workforce development, and leadership development.


During the third week, the delegation met with officials from the City of Burlington. Mayor Baltutis received the delegation and presented them with a proclamation. The meeting was led by the City Manager and included short presentations from various departments within the City of Burlington.


The delegation met with Durham City Council member Charlie Reece to learn more about how the city council is organized and how they function. Council Member Reece spoke about how the council cooperates with other local governments to help meet the needs of the public.