Graduates from the Master of International Development Policy (MIDP) program make up a global community spanning more than 100 countries around the world. 

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Ways to Get Involved

As an alum, there are so many ways you can meaningfully contribute to the community we share, and there are so many ways you can benefit by staying connected to DCID, Sanford, and Duke.  

Tell Your Story

Tell us your story for DCID publications like our website and newsletter. We’d love to interview you about your history, your current work, and the impact you’re hoping to have on the world. 

Host an Event

Help us reach more potential MIDP fellows from your region. Prospective students love hearing from alumni as you have the most relevant experience to share.  Host an alumni group or event in your city or country. Contact us for ideas, materials, or information.  

Mentor a Fellow

Your experience at Duke, and after Duke, can provide valuable insight to our current fellows who are still planning the next steps in their career. Contact us to serve as an alumni mentor or participate in an informational interview with a current MIDP fellow. 

Share a Job or Internship Opportunity

Alumni are an important source of professional development and opportunities. As a graduate of the program, you have first-hand knowledge of the skills and education that MIDP fellows bring to the table. Reach out to us with internship and job opportunities from your company or organization. 

Did you know? MIDP fellows who complete an internship with an MIDP alum may be eligible for the Lethem Summer Internship Award

Come Back to Duke

Check out the Sanford events calendar and be our guest at an event. Want to visit? Let us know when you’re in town so you can visit some classes and chat with available students and professors.

Get Connected Online

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