2022 Updates:


Diana Carolina Quintero (MIDP ‘22)

Diana Carolina Quintero is now Project Manager with Producers Direct, a small farmer led organization that supports innovative solutions to transform small farms into sustainable businesses. She is based in Peru.

Philile Shongwe (MIDP’22)

Philile Shongwe is now Manager of Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation Strategy at Evidence Action. She manages the de-worming and iron-folic acid supplementation programs in South Asia, East and West Africa.

Naranggi Pramudya Soko (MIDP ‘21)

Naranggi Pramudya Soko is now a Public Administration Consultant with the World Bank.  He is based in Indonesia.

Dwinanda Ardhi (MIDP ‘19)

Dwinanda Ardhi is now studying toward his Ph.D. in International Development at King’s College in London.

Margaret Chasara (MIDP ‘13)

Margaret Chasara is now an Assistant Professor of Economics at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.  

HongJig Lee (MIDP ‘10)

HongJig Lee is a Head of the Economic Development Analysis Team (Research Department) at the Bank of Korea. He is now based in Seoul after returning from the New York Office.

C. Omar Kebbeh (MIDP ‘09)

C. Omar Kebbeh started a new position with the USAID (United States Agency for International Development). He is based in Tanzania.

Ajulo Othow (MIDP Certificate ‘07)

Ajulo Othow is working to make sure the flood of renewable energy investment in the state of North Carolina is building wealth and economic opportunity in rural Black communities. https://www.hivefund.org/news/y2dpv5diwy1hpx8txqc5qv1z4jebey

Hasmik Minasyan (MIDP ‘05)

Hasmik Minasyan is now a Policy Analyst with the Asylum Policy Branch, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Division, the government of Canada.


María Caneque Peñahora Simon (MIDP ’22)

María Caneque Peñahora Simon is now head of the Technical Cabinet for the Spanish Government’s Department of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism. She is based in Madrid.

Raha Khademi (MIDP ‘18)

Raha Khademi is now Deputy Director, Conflict of Interest Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Rabindra Agarwal (MIDP ’14)

Rabindra Agarwal has assumed the role of Deputy Director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). His appointment was approved in June, and he continues to work in New Delhi.

Saori Tokuoka (MIDP ’09)

Saori Takuoka is now the Director of Cathode Development at QuantumScape, where she continues her work in the development of sustainable energy technology.  She works in San Jose, California.


Yuto Hashimoto (MIDP ‘19)

Yuto Hashimoto is now a Contracts Specialist with UNICEF for Afghanistan.

Raha Khademi (MIDP ‘18)

Raha Khademi is now Deputy Director of the Conflict of Interest Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Betty Tushabe (MIDP ‘16)

Betty Tushabe is now Rwanda Country Director, Heifer International.

Jonas Anazagasty (MIDP ‘16)

Jonas Anazagasty is now one of four Regimental Tactical Officers with the 3rd Regiment, USCC, overseeing about 1100 cadets at the United States Military Academy at West Point. 

Emilia Chiscop-Head (MIDP ‘12)

Emilia Chiscop-Head, Ph.D. started a blog called Integrity Insights, including the Integrity Interview Series, at Duke’s Office of Scientific Integrity.  She interviews a broad range of Duke faculty about integrity in their work, academic pursuits, and what has influenced their career journeys.  Check out her insightful blog: https://dosi.duke.edu/integrity-insights 

Kanzo Nakai (MIDP ‘04)

Kanzo Nakai is now a Project Officer and Principal Transport Specialist for South Asia with the Asian Development Bank. He is based in the Philippines.

Michihiro Kishimoto (MIDP ‘00)

Michihiro Kishimoto is now Environmental Strategy Director for Hitachi.


Sebastián Bowen (MIDP ’15)

Sebastián Bowen is now Executive Director at Défecit Cero, an organization working to address the housing crisis in Chile. He is based in Santiago.

Janina Cuevas Zuniga (MIDP ‘14)

Janina Cuevas Zuniga is now National Education Officer for UNICEF Mexico.

Durre Shahwar Khan (MIDP ‘08)

Durre Shahwar Khan is now Chief Executive Officer of the Pakistan NGO CHIP (Civil Society Human and Institutional Development Program). CHIP focuses on inclusive community development programs helping marginalized communities meet their basic needs and expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.

Dr. Jodi Detjen (MIDP ‘97)

Dr. Jodi Detjen is now the Dean of innovative education and programs at the Sawyer Business School. Suffolk University.


Carlhey Bolz (MIDP ’17)

Carlhey Bolz has joined Human Rights Campaign as their Deputy Director, Global Business Programs on the Workforce Equality Team.  In this role, she will be leading their Equidad/e initiatives in Latin America to help advance LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion among businesses and corporations in the region.

Luis Felipe Quintero Suárez (MIDP ’02)

Luis Felipe Quintero Suárez was recently named Colombia’s Vice Minister of Foreign Trade.

Satoko Tanaka (MIDP ‘01)

Satoko Tanaka is now the Chief Representative of the JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) USA office.  She is responsible for US policy and maintaining relationships with Multilateral Development Banks and US AID agencies.


Peter Adeyeye (MIDP ’21)

Peter Adeyeye is now a Research Manager with Downtown Denver Partnership.  He lives in Colorado.

Doulat Bibi (MIDP  2019)

Doulat Bibi (MIDP  2019) is now a Project Manager with the Open Lab at the University Health Network (UHN), Canada’s largest research hospital, Open Lab works to develop innovative solutions to support communities with high needs. She is based in Toronto.

Erin Edmiston (MIDP ’19)

Erin Edmiston is now the Education and Employment Services Coordinator with Church World Service. She supports refugees resettling to North Carolina.  In addition, she is the founder of Contrarian Humanitarian, an independent creative project for all things International Development- analyzing global injustices and building solutions for a better world.  https://www.contrarianhumanitarian.org

Esra Gular (MIDP ’08)

Esra Gular is now Chief of Staff, Office of the President of Strategy and Budget, Government of Turkey. She is based in Ankara.


Monisha Eadala (MIDP ’20)

Monisha Eadala is now a consultant with the World Bank in the Development Research Group (DECRG). She is working to identify and document the impacts of green policies on labor markets in India across various sectors.

Sureshkumar S Nair (MIDP ’17)

Sureshkumar S Nair is now the Commissioner School Education at the Government of Andhra Pradesh in India.

Ana Lucia Garcia Briones (MIDP ’14)

Ana Lucia Garcia Briones has been promoted to Senior Manager of the Environmental Defense Fund’s Environmental Justice and Equity team. She will help drive and grow EDF’s commitment to environmental justice work.

Anudari Altangerel (MIDP ’04)

Anudari Altangerel is now the Chief Supply Chain and Risk Management Officer at Unitel Group.

Kenichi Fukumura (MIDP ‘02)

Kenichi Fukumura is now the Chief Executive Officer of DBJ Americas, a subsidiary of the Development Bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ). He oversees lending and equity investment.


Joao Da Silva Castillo (MIDP ’21)

Joao Da Silva Castillo is now an Investor Relations with the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Peru.

Jessica Maeda (MIDP ’21) and Romina Domina (MIDP ’21)

Congratulations to Jessica Maeda and Romina Domina for their contributions to the World’s Bank’s 2022 Women, Business, and the Law Report. It is the eighth in a series of annual reports measuring the laws and regulations that affect women’s economic opportunity in 190 economies. https://wbl.worldbank.org/en/reports

Sanggoog Lee (MIDP ’19)

Sanggoog Lee is now Director of Digital New Deal Support at the Ministry of Science and ICT in South Korea.

Justin Becker (JD/MIDP ’12)

Congratulations to Justin Becker who was named by the National LGBTQ+ Bar Association as one of the best LGBTQ+ lawyers under 40 for his advocacy efforts in furtherance of equity and inclusion. https://www.sidley.com/en/newslanding/newsachievements/2022/03/justin-r-becker-recognized-by-lgbtq-bar-association

Vera Lalchevska (MIDP ’10)

Vera Lalchevska is now Senior Researcher at the Gulf Research Center Foundation, a leading independent think tank whose mission is to promote knowledge through research, training, conferences, and discussion, and, in general, by creating the enabling environment for building networks and understanding with and about the Gulf region. She is based in Geneva.

Anita Sharma (MIDP ‘09)

Anita Sharma is now a Project Management Specialist with USAID based in Delhi, India.

Rajesh Bansal (MIDP ’09)

Congratulations to Rajesh Bansal for his role in in fostering financial innovation and inclusion as the CEO of the Reserve Bank of India’s(RBI) innovation hub. RBI Innovation Hub and IIT MIC to nurture financial innovation and inclusion

Dr. Jodi Detjen (MIDP ‘97)

Congratulations to Dr. Jodi Detjen, who won the 2021 Women of Inspiration Award from Wise Boston. The award is presented in recognition of extraordinary leadership in the sports industry and for being a woman of inspiration. https://lnkd.in/dUZFgX4c.  Jodi earned her Doctor of Business Administration from Temple University in 2021 and has over 25 years in …


Monica Wang (MIDP ’19)

Monica Wang is now Associate Director of ClimateWorks Foundation.  She is based in Beijing.

Reza Samadi Boroujeni (MIDP ’17)

Reza Samadi Boroujeni is now a Financial Analyst with Niagara Bottling.  He resides in California.

Jose Carlos De Pierola (MIDP ’16)

Jose Carlos De Pierola is now the Country Manager for Peru at Environmental Resources Management (ERM). He resides in Lima.

Victoria Santamaria (IDP Certificate ’14)

Victoria Santamaria is the founding Director for GET Cities Miami.  Gender Equity in Tech(GET) Cities align local actors to build inclusive pathways for women in tech.  She is based in Miami.

Rachael Honick (IDP Certificate ’14)

Rachael Honick has taken on a role as Director of Marketing Strategy and operations at Ellucian. She is based in the Washington, D.C. area.  

Chanchal Kumar (MIDP ’09)

Chanchal Kumar is now Managing Director at National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited, which is located in Delhi.

Natalia Foil (MIDP’ 00)

Natalia Foil  is the Director of Operations for RTI I the Philippines where she works on USAID’s ReachHealth Project. She is based in Manila.  


Dominique Deshommes (MIDP ’19)

Dominique Deshommes has been hired as a Project Manager at Chemonics. He will manage a project that aims to reduce malaria mortality in West Africa. 2014

Ahmet Onur Ozturk (MIDP ’14)

Ahmet Onur Ozturk is now Head of the Textile and Apparel Products Department, DG of Exports, at the Turkish Trade Ministry . He is based in Ankara.

Bautista Logioco (MIDP ’04)

Bautista Logioco is now a Senior Programme and Policy Officer with the World Food Programme.


Del Francis Wreh (MIDP ’15)

Del Francis Wreh was just awarded the Government Staff (Male) of the Year award from the Government of Liberia.

Sophia Hyder Hock (MIDP ’12)

Sophia Hyder Hock is now Chief Diversity Officer at Destinations International, an organization that works to transform destination communities. She will begin in February of 2022.

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