2019 Updates


Diogenes Michel Chagas de Jesus (MIDP’19)

Diogenes Michel Chagas de Jesus is now a Management Consultant for the Steve Biko Cultural Institute.

Erin Edmiston (MIDP ’19)

Erin Edmiston is now the Casework Coordinator for the International Rescue Committee

Victoria Clemons (MIDP ’18)

Victoria Clemons is now an Army Officer and College of Naval Command and Staff Student at Naval War College.

Linda Low (MIDP ’18)

Linda Low is now the Citywide HR Communications and Media Relations Manager for the City of Seattle.

Rachel Schmidtke (MIDP ’18)

Rachel Schmidtke is now the Latin American Advocate for Refugees International.

Carlhey Bolz (MIDP ’17)

Carlhey Bolz is now the Program Officer with the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Professional Fellows Program at IREX.

Siddharth Dixit (MIDP ’17)

Siddharth Dixit is now an Associate in Research at the DGHI Evidence Lab and Center for Policy Impact in Global Health (CPIGH).

Pankuri Dutt (MIDP ’14)

Pankuri Dutt is now a Public Policy Consultant for NITI Aayog.

Katherine Antonio Macarena (MIDP ’11)

Katherine Antonio Macarena is now an Economist for the US Energy Information Administration.

Josephine Mwenda (MIDP ’10)

Josephine Mwenda is now a Programme Management Officer with the Monitoring and Evaluation unit at United Nation-OCT.  She is based in New York.

Wondwossen Abatheneh (MIDP ’10)

Wondwossen Abatheneh is now a Counselor at Good Will Easter Seals.

Melanie Faltas (MIDP ’07)

Melanie Faltas is now a Director at M Booth Health.

Gaukhar Kassymzhanova (MIDP ’07)

Gaukhar Kassymzhanova is now a Manger for Chevron.

Mendsaikhan Khasbaatar (MIDP ’07)

Mendsaikhan Khasbaatar is now the Program Analyst for Dexis Consulting Group.

Mariko Russel (MIDP ’92)

Mariko Russel now holds the position of Chief of Operations at Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).


Joshua Cootware (MIDP ’17)

Joshua Cootware is now Project Manager with the Security and Stabilization unit, Tetra Tech.

Sheikh Jahan (MIDP ’01)

Sheikh Jahan is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Dhaka.

Angel Zambrano (MIDP ’97)

Angel Zambrano is now the Account Executive for Design within Reach.

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