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Pre-Arrival Checklist

If you are admitted to the Master of International Development Policy (MIDP) program at Duke University, please see below for information on the next steps you will need to take to join the MIDP.

Complete the online enrollment form

Please fill out the online enrollment form via your electronic application. You will need your application PIN and password to access it.

Fill out a visa request form

If you are an international student, you will need to fill out the electronic visa request form, which will be sent to you by MIDP.  Visa documents CANNOT be issued until you have submitted proof of funding for the tuition, fees, and living expenses, and proof of funding for any dependents who may accompany you.  Examples of acceptable proof of funding are a scholarship award letter, sponsorship letter from an employer or personal bank statements issued directly from your bank. Refer to our Visa Application Guide for full information. To view the tuition, fee and living expenses for current academic year, please visit our Tuition and Fees page.

Register for the DCID Summer Academic Institute

The institute is designed to prepare Sanford graduate fellows for the rigors of U.S. graduate-level education. MIDP international students are either required or encouraged to participate. The institute will develop and strengthen your academic and public policy-related communication and computer skills, as well as help you acclimate to the U.S. graduate-level academic environment. Refer to the institute page for more information and to register.

Get your Duke NetID

Upon matriculation to the MIDP (completed upon acceptance of admission for American students and at issuance of visa documents for international students), all new students will receive a Duke NetID, a username and password which allows students to access all of Duke's online systems, including Duke email and course registration.  Information on how to access your Duke NetID information will be sent to incoming MIDP students directly from Duke’s Office of Information Technology. 

Complete online health history and immunization

Prior to arriving on campus it is important for incoming students to complete the online health history and immunization form.  The Duke NetID is required to access this form. To review the health and immunization requirements and access the form, as well as review information regarding the Duke Student Health Insurance Policy, which is required for international students, visit the Duke Student Health Center website.

Review course and registration information 

This information will be sent to incoming students from the MIDP office.  To view course information for the current semester, and academic requirements for MIDP degree programs, visit the MIDP courses page.

Review academic policies and procedures

All Duke students are expected to adhere to the academic policies and procedures set forth by the MIDP and Duke University. Please familiarize yourself with the program's policies related to plagiarism, English language courses, auditing, independent research, and other issues.

Take English Language Exams

International students whose first language is not English are required to take oral and written English language exams during the MIDP orientation week. Based on the results of these exams, international students may be required to take English courses during their first year of study.

English courses do not count towards the one-year MIDP degree. If you are an international student entering the one-year degree program and required to take English courses, you will take them in addition to the regular semester course load. For more information about the exam, visit the English for International Students website. Please see our policies related to English language study on our Academic Policies and Procedures page.

Find housing

Staff and volunteers with the MIDP Program will assist incoming students with finding appropriate housing upon their arrival to the area. The MIDP office strongly advises that you do not sign any lease or housing agreements prior to your arrival, as you will be legally bound to that housing and will be unable to break the lease should you arrive and find the accommodations unsatisfactory. For more information about housing options, visit our Student Resources page.

Check your email for updates

Please check your email frequently for communications from the MIDP administrative office.  The MIDP office will use the email address provided on your application.  Please send any updates of your contact information to

Review the academic calendar

Please review the Duke academic calendar for course start and end dates as well as breaks and holidays.

Check out Campus Services and Activities

Duke University provides a wealth of services and activities to its students, and we encourage all fellows to take advantage of these opportunities on campus and in the community. Please see our Student Resources section for more specific information.

*Duke University policy states that all non-US citizen Duke students must present evidence of immigration status to the Duke Visa Services Office before the first day of classes and, whenever, thereafter, their status changes. Any work must be requested and approved through the Duke Visa Services office. Failure to comply will result in the inability to enroll for classes. Any students who are outside the United States and are unable to comply will be handled on a case by case basis. Graduate and professional students who are not in lawful status will not be enrolled or permitted to continue enrollment. Such students will be allowed to enroll or to continue only after regaining lawful status.*