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Executive Education Programs at the Duke Center for International Development have been specially designed for mid-career professionals at government ministries and public enterprises, banks (private and public) and financial institutions, investment analysis agencies, international development agencies, individual and corporate investment firms, business and consulting firms, and public-private partnerships, among others. See below for the specific requirements of each open enrollment program offered by DCID.

Project Appraisal and Risk Management (PARM)

This program is open to individuals working professionally in finance, economics, accounting, taxation, management, engineering or other related fields. It is for people who design, appraise, select, negotiate or finance projects, and for those who are interested in the financial, economic and social impacts of these projects.

Past participants have included employees of:

  • Government ministries and public enterprises
  • Banks (private and public) and financial institutions
  • Investment analysis agencies
  • International development agencies
  • Individual and corporate investment firms
  • Private management, engineering, and business consulting firms
  • Regulatory institutions
  • International aid agencies

Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Programs (M&EDP)

The program is intended for public sector managers, planners, program analysts, accountants and auditors in ministries responsible for finance and economic planning, as well as sector ministries and field agencies engaged in planning, implementation and evaluation of development programs. The program content is also beneficial for professionals in NGOs, development banks and donor agencies.

Tax Analysis and Revenue Forecasting (TARF)

This training program is open to individuals working professionally in tax policy, tax administration, economics, finance, accounting, management or other related fields. These include:

  • Public and private sector executives
  • Officials of revenue authorities and ministries of finance
  • Professionals in multilateral and regional banks
  • Consultants providing assistance to decision makers in public and private sectors

Program on Fiscal Decentralization and Local Government Financial Management (PFD)

This program is open to individuals working professionally in finance, economics, law, government administration or other related fields. Past participants include:

  • Central- and local-level elected politicians, policymakers and administrators
  • Economists
  • Lawyers
  • Finance managers
  • Public sector management specialists

Budgeting and Financial Management in the Public Sector (BUDGET)

This training course is designed for middle- and senior-level managers with a substantial record related to public service. This includes:

  • Budget analysts
  • Administrators and officials in ministries of finance and planning
  • Managers of public enterprises
  • Professionals in aid agencies
  • Economists
  • Accountants
  • Auditors