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International Development Policy Certificate


We are not yet accepting applications for the IDP Certificate Program for 2019-2020. However, we welcome and encourage all graduate students who are interested in MIDP courses to review and enroll in open classes. We will update this page when the IDP Certificate application period reopens.


The Master of International Development Policy program offers a Certificate in International Development Policy (IDP) to students enrolled in other full-time graduate programs. This certificate is earned concurrently to your degree program. 

To earn the certificate, the following courses (for a total of 12 credit hours) must be fulfilled prior to graduation from your degree program:

  • Development Management Seminar (3 credits)

  • Development Economics Seminar (3 credits)

  • International Development Elective (6 credits)

A minimum of 6 of the total 12 credits must be approved Duke University courses. The IDP Certificate is limited to 30 registered graduate students at a given time. Please note that once the certificate has been added to a student's academic record, it cannot be removed. If a student fails to complete the requirements by the end of their graduation term, the certificate will appear as "discontinued" on the student's academic record. For more detailed information about approved courses, the application process, and important deadlines please review the IDP Certificate Requirements. Applications will be reviewed in October and March of each year.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact our Associate Director.