Professors Fernholz, Shukla and Kelly with Dean Judith Kelley.

Professors Emeriti

Professors of the Practice Fernando Fernholz, Roy Kelly and GP Shukla transitioned to 'professor emeritus' status in June. Since joining DCID in 2001, they have greatly strengthened DCID’s capabilities in overseas advising, led executive education programs, and taught and mentored Master of International Development Policy students. We are pleased to share they will continue to teach and remain involved with DCID. 

Fernando Fernholz

Professor of the Practice and Director of program on Project Appraisal and Risk Management (PARM)

With expertise in economic development, policies for development and public finance, Fernando Fernholz has lectured on public debt, finance, balance of payments, macroeconomic issues in courses and workshops worldwide. He was a development associate working with the Public Finance Group of Harvard Institute for International Development and was resident advisor in different countries in Asia and Africa. He has done short-term advisory work in countries such as Russia, India, Panama, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Zambia, Uganda, Namibia, and Mozambique.

Roy Kelly

Professor of the Practice and Director of program on Fiscal Decentralization and Local Government Financial Management (PFD)

An expert in fiscal decentralization, local government finance and property taxation, Roy Kelly has 40 years of experience in teaching and in designing and implementing public financial reforms, serving as a resident advisor to the governments of Indonesia, Kenya, Cambodia and Tanzania and as a short-term advisor in over 30 different countries. Prior to coming to Duke, he spent 19 years with the Harvard Kennedy School, the Harvard Institute for International Development and the Harvard International Tax Program.

GP Shukla

Professor of the Practice and Director of program on Tax Analysis and Revenue Forecasting (TARF)

GP Shukla served the government of India for 20 years in a variety of local, state and central government executive positions. With expertise in tax analysis and revenue forecasting, public finance for open economies, investment appraisal, taxation of natural resources, he helped governments worldwide. Prior to joining Duke, he was a lecturer and a Development Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and an associate at the Harvard Institute for International Development.

Book Releases


Foreign Aid: Policy and Practice

Foreign Aid: Policy and Practice, authored by Phyllis Pomerantz, was published in July 2023 by Routledge. Drawing on 25 years of experience in development practice and 15 years at DCID, the professor of the practice emerita reflects on recent efforts to accelerate aid’s impact and offers perspective on the future of aid. She will join DCID on Sept. 19 for a discussion on her book.


Sanctions: What Everyone Needs to Know®

In Sanctions: What Everyone Needs to Know®, Bruce Jentleson, William Preston Few Distinguished Professor of Public Policy, demonstrates that examining sanctions is key to understanding international relations and explains how and why they will likely continue to bear on global politics. Oxford Press published the book in Sept. 2022.

New People


Nicole Filippo

Communications Director

Prior to joining DCID in February, Nicole Filippo worked at Elon University as the communications manager for the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, as well as an academic advisor and instructor. Her professional roles also include education and meeting planner for the National Home Furnishings Association and marketing assistant for the High Point Market Authority. She is a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) and serves on the board of directors for the Meeting Professionals International Carolinas Chapter and the American Marketing Association Triangle Chapter.


Ghada Ahmed

Senior Fellow

Ghada Ahmed is the founder of Insurgent Business Analytics. Her work focuses on assessing the role of firms, policy, and trade on the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of communities. Previously, she was lead socio-economist with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Bank and a senior researcher with the Duke Global Value Chains Center. She is a recognized author with over 30 reports, book chapters, articles, journal publications, and numerous presentations in global fora. Ahmed graduated from Duke's Master of International Development Policy program in 2010.


Penny Bamber

Senior Fellow

Penny Bamber is a global value chain expert with over a decade of experience in research and consulting at the intersection of international economics and economic development. Widely-cited, her work has covered a broad range of sectors and geographies, from inserting marginalized actors into the agricultural and mining industries in Latin America, advising on industrial policy development in the Philippines and identifying nearshoring opportunities in the healthcare sector for Central America, to examining the impact of automation on the future of Chinese industry.


Karina Fernandez-Stark

Senior Fellow

Karina Fernandez-Stark has more than 15 years of experience leading numerous research projects related to economic development and competitiveness around the world. She has consulted for the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, OECD, UNCTAD, ECLAC, and the African Development Bank. Stark authored the highly-cited book “The Global Value Chain Analysis: A Primer” and has written several articles on industrial upgrading and social and economic development. She is a 2007 graduate of Duke's Master of International Development Policy program.


Hassan Hussein

Senior Fellow

Hassan Hussein's research and professional experience span disciplines including international development, political participation, education, and strategic management. His research involves using mixed method, and his experience has been a valuable contribution in teaching in the Leadership for Democracy Fellowship Program. Hussein is an assistant professor at Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania and previously taught at St. John’s University. He has a PhD in organizational leadership, policy and development from the University of Minnesota and a Master of International Development Policy from Duke University.


Ngoc Phan

Research Affiliate

Tuan-Ngoc Phan (Phan or Tuan Ngoc) is a political economist who studies corruption in developing countries. He has been a co-author and collaborator on the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) — the largest enterprise survey on firms’ experiences with the provincial business environment in Vietnam. His other research interests concern the industrial organization of corruption, the role of audit and transparency in encouraging honest behaviors from bureaucrats, and authoritarian politics. He received his PhD in political science from Duke University and is currently an assistant professor at Fulbright University Vietnam.

Who We Are


  • Edmund Malesky, director; professor of political science
  • Jonathan Abels, executive director
  • Sarah Bermeo, director of graduate studies (July 2020-June 2023); associate professor of public policy
  • Corinne Krupp, director of graduate studies (July 2023-present); associate dean for academic programs; professor of the practice
  • Stephanie Alt Lamm, senior director, MIDP program


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  • Gangadhar “GP” Shukla
  • Andrew Sisson
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  • Undes Wen
  • Giovanni Zanalda


  • Jonathan Abels, executive director
  • Matt Bunyi, director of executive education and strategic initiatives
  • Susan Carroll, managing director, Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center
  • Jooyoung Chun, program coordinator
  • Mirna Dave, senior program coordinator, executive education
  • Eleanor Feaver, staff assistant, executive education
  • Nicole Filippo, communications director
  • Dayne Hamrick, director, MIDP admissions
  • Mollie LoJacono, director of student and academic services
  • Felicia Mims, financial and grants manager
  • Quazha Nettles, intern (May 2022-Jan. 2023)
  • Dean Storelli, director, MIDP writing and communication services
  • Jay Tucker, accounting supervisor