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Alumni Updates

September 2017

MIDP 2016

Vanessa Uriarte is now Manager of Institutional Giving at Project HOPE, based in Washington, D.C.

MIDP 2011

Chad Shipmaker is now a consultant for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on the Global Policy and Advocacy Team on Agriculture and Nutrition.

MIDP 1997

Jodi Detjen is a Clinical Professor of Management, MBA Academic Program Director, and Co-Directer for the Center for Innovative Collaboration and Leadership at Suffolk University in Boston, MA. 

August 2017

MIDP 2017

Alejandro Weber is now a partner and senior director with a consulting firm that focuses on strategy and institutional capacity. He is based in Santiago, Chile.

MIDP 2017

Joshua Cootware and his wife, Ashley, welcomed a son, Maximus "Max" Alfred Cootware in August. 

MIDP 2015

Daniela Penaloza Ramos is now working as Head of the Education Department for the La Reina municipality in Santiago,  Chile.

MIDP 2015

Nayef Alkhawaldeh is now Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist with the Norwegian Refugee Council. He is based in Amman, Jordan.

MIDP 2015

Yumeto Ito recently moved to Yangon to work on a development cooperation project between the Embassy of Japan and Myanmar. 

MIDP 2014

Muhsin Atci is now the Deputy Vice Commissioner for the Tax Inspection Board of Turkey.

MIDP 2013

Thupten Norbu is now the Assistant Director of Operations and Planning for the North Carolina Area Health Education Centers, UNC School of Medicine.