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Alumni Updates

July 2017

MIDP 2014

Silvia Fontana is now studying toward her PhD with a focus on multi-level governance at the The University of Padua.

MIDP 2014

Partomuan Juniult is now the Section Chief at the District Tax Office (DJP).

MIDP 2011

Ai Tachikawa and her husband, Hiroshi, got married this summer. Congratulations!

MIDP 2010

Abhijit Ghor is now Resident Dy Collector and Addl District Magistrate in Ratnagiri.

MIDP 2010

Natalia Gomez is now the Director of the Business Insights Practice at Bankable Frontier Associates (BFA).

MIDP 2005

Shakeel Ahmed is now Managing Partner with Erada Consulting based in Canada.

June 2017

MIDP 2016

Ipchita Bharali is starting as the new Policy Analyst for the Center for Policy Impact in Global Health. 

MIDP 2016

Nan Sandi will be working as a Country Economist for International Growth Centre (IGC) in Myanmar. Nan will focus on public financial management (PFM) and impact evaluation of conditional cash transfer program in order to support the government of Myanmar. 

MIDP 2015

Jianduan Zhang is now a Nutrition Officer with UNICEF China. 

MIDP 2013

Luisa Cardoza is now the National Program Officer, Economic Cooperation Programs, Embassy of Switzerland.