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Alumni Updates

March 2018

MIDP 2003

Ismayil Safarali recently graduated from the Moscow School of New Cinema and is now a scriptwriter and filmmaker based in Moscow, Russia. 

February 2018

MIDP 2017

Carlhey Bolz is now a Project and Research Manager with WeConnect International.

MIDP 2017

Besfort Kosova is now a Research Fellow at the Balkan Green Foundation. 

MIDP 2017

Ernest Vafee has been appointed as the Deputy Minister for Operations with the Liberian Ministry of Defense. 

January 2018

MIDP 2017

Joshua Cootware is now a consultant with impl. project, an international non-profit that focuses on community led, data-driven solutions for international development and stability. 

MIDP 2017

M. Habib Ur Rehman has published a paper called "Impact of Devolution on Budgeting and PFM Systems in Pakistan" in the Empirical Economic Review distributed through the University of Management and Technology in Pakistan:

MIDP 2015

Anil Kumar Bhardwaj has published a paper on "Achieving Gender Equality in Haryana: Sensitizing Men to Enable Women" in the Journal of Gender Studies in Developing Societies. 

MIDP 2014

Eudora Blay-Pritchard is the Executive Director of the Liberian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (LICPA).

MIDP 2012

Robert Swope is now Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Defense.

December 2017

MIDP 2014

Negaya Chorley is now Head of Advocacy at Caritas Australia.