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Alumni Updates

January 2018

MIDP 2012

Robert Swope is now Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Defense.

December 2017

MIDP 2014

Negaya Chorley is now Head of Advocacy at Caritas Australia.

MIDP 2014

Silvia Fontana co-authored a short article on Governance and Human Development in the Springer's Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy and Governance: Governance and Human Development - Springer

MIDP 2014

Partomuan Juniult and his wife, Kris Mayana Simbolon, welcomed a baby boy, Jovan Sihite, on December 3rd. 

MIDP 2014

Durre Shahwar is now the Director of Community and Public Advocacy for DAI in Pakistan. 

MIDP 2012

Xiaolei Duan is now the President of the China office for EasyCare Academy.  EasyCare is a social venture committed to enhancing health, independence and well-being through a digital integrated and person-center approach to aging.  In addition, she won a scholarship to participate in Stanford University’s Ignite Program on Entrepreneurship.

MIDP 2012

Cary McCormick is now the Regional Technology for Development Business Analyst with UNICEF’s Regional Office for South Asia. In this role he supports eight countries in the South Asia region with technology needs for their programs. This could include birth registration systems, mobile applications for community health workers or registration for children in emergencies. He and his wife are now based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

MIDP 2009

Sanghee Jeong is now the Director of Academic Engagement (Global and Civic) with Duke University's Academic Advising Center. 

November 2017

MIDP 2017

Joshua Cootware is currently volunteering with Spirit of America. SoA is a non-profit where US citizens can directly support the safety and success of deployed US troops and diplomats. Spirit of America provides flexible, private assistance in response to local needs identified by deployed American troops and diplomats. We provide humanitarian and economic assistance, as well as equipment needed by US partner forces, in support of US missions and the local people American troops and diplomats seek to help. Please follow the link to see how you can get involved:   or reach out to with any questions. 

MIDP 2016

Meirzhan Myrzaliyev​, currently Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and his wife, Aliya, welcomed twin sons on November 1.