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Alumni Updates

November 2016

MIDP 2012

Vann Rolfson will be working at USAID's office in Tegucigalpa, Honduras were he will be living with his family for the next four years.

MIDP 2009

Analía Viola is currently working at the think tank organization, Fedea, in Spain. This year she was enrolled into a Doctoral Program in Economics at Spanish University, UNED. Her research fields are applied health economics, long-term care, and education. Analía is currently working on a paper which discusses the effects of copayment on the propensity to consume pharmaceuticals upon retirement in Spain.

October 2016

MIDP 2016

Patricio Borgono is now working with Matrix Consulting, a firm that works with both the public and private sectors in Chile. In addition, he and his wife welcomed a son, Pedro, born in August.

MIDP 2016

Elohim Monard is now a Technical Advisor for Barrio Seguro (Safe Neighborhood) in the Interior Ministry of Peru.

MIDP 2010

Donna Daniels is now a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Agency for International Development.

MIDP 2009

Mattias Lindström is now working in the Private Sector Development department at the Swedish Embassy/SIDA in Afghanistan.

MIDP 2005

Soledad Bauza is now the Deputy Director of the UNDP mission in Havana, Cuba.

MIDP 2005

Sebastian Lopez Azumendi is now the Senior Advisor to the Chief of Staff of the National Government of Argentina.

MIDP 2004

Hiroshi Saeki is now a Senior Economist in the for the World Bank Group in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He will be working there for three years on a new assignment, leading all projects in the education sector of country.


September 2016

MIDP 2016

Ipchita Bharali is now an Associate in Research at the Duke Global Health Institute in Durham, North Carolina.